Online Tutoring

A few minutes prior to your appointment, click on the link for your specific tutor below:

This will take you to Collaborate, the web-conferencing platform we use to tutor online. In order for the program to work appropriately, your computer will need to be updated with the most recent version of java. You can check your version of java and update if necessary here.

To access Blackboard Collaborate, follow the step-by-step directions below:

  • Click on the Collaborate link or copy the Collaborate URL and paste it into your web browser’s address bar.
  • Blackboard Collaborate will open in your browser window.
  • As prompted by the session login screen, type your first and last name into the name field.
  • Click the sign in button.
  • Allow Blackboard Collaborate to launch (this might take a few minutes).
  • Select your connection speed and click OK.
  • After Collaborate completes the connection, you will be in the virtual office and ready to begin your session.