Learning Resource Center

Welcome to the Learning Resource Center!

Whether you are a current student or are considering Saint Leo University as a place to learn and grow, we hope you find the information you need on these pages. If you need any specific questions answered or just want to talk to someone from the Center, please call (352) 588-8462 or e-mail LRC@saintleo.edu. The Front Desk can be reached at X8307.

What is the Learning Resource Center?
The Learning Resource Center provides tutoring and academic support services to all Saint Leo University students.

Mission Statement:

  • We believe students are responsible for their own learning.
  • We believe all students can improve their academic skills.
  • The Learning Resource Center is dedicated to providing appropriate instructional support to assist students in fulfilling their potential and reaching their goals.

Who uses the Learning Resource Center?
The Learning Resource Center is for any student who wishes to improve his or her grades and understanding in a course. Most students need a little help somewhere along the way. It may only be with one chapter in physics, or a research paper for history that is difficult to complete. The Learning Resource Center is the place to find the help necessary to succeed.

The Center also can provide assistance with basic study skills that may not have been learned or may not have been needed in high school. Time management, note taking, reading efficiently, organizing materials for study, taking exams, stress reduction...all these are part of the support system for students. Students need only to come to the Center and ask for help.

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