Streaming Video Server

Online Streaming Video Reserves and Off-air Taping Services

Online Streaming Video is a new and exciting service offered by the library for professors to use with their classes online or in person.

You can now ask to have a library- or university- owned video or DVD digitized and then made available for specific periods of time for your classes. Due to band-width constraints, this is for on-campus use only at this time.

You will need to use Windows Media Player to access videos on the streaming video server. If you have problems, please contact Media Services (8470).

To use this service, you will need to get the login and password from your instructor. After you login, select your professor from the tabbed list, wait for the page to load (this can take up to a minute), and then click the play button.

NEW We now have a satellite dish! It has hundreds of channels, and we can capture (record) programs for use in your classroom (compliance with copyright and fairuse guidelines required).

For more information, please contact John Mouw, Media Services Manager at ext. 8342