Making sure Forefront is up to date

The green icon in this list shows what you will see day to day whileGreen Icon
using Forefront. The green color indicates that everything is working fine and that your virus
definitions are up to date.

To check for updates manually follow the steps below.
To get to the update screen
1. Click on the Forefront icon in the system tray (located down by the clock)
2. Click Open
3. When the program loads you will see four tabs (Home, Update, History, Settings)
4. The second tab in the status window is the Update Screen.

This screen will give you options on how and when your updates were last applied.
This screen will give you the date and time of the last successful update of your virus definitions as well as the last date and time the software checked for updates. Updates are not always available, but the system checks very frequently.
The last two lines indicate the version number for both the virus and the spyware definitions


If there is a problem, the color of the icon will change to either orangeRed Icon
or red. Orange indicates that your machine is due for updates or a
routine scan. The red color shown here, indicates a problem has been
detected, and you should contact Tech Support to see if your computer needs to be looked by a technician.

If Forefront in not installed on your Saint Leo issued computer, please contact Tech Support to request that the software be installed.