Events Sponsored by SAID

Guest speaker

  • Nicole Martingano "How to Save a Life"

University of Florida student who was the victim of a DUI incident

  • Bobby Petrocelli "10 Seconds Can Change your Life"


  • Trunk-or-Treat

During Halloween week, The SAID organization participated in a trick-or-treat program with other organizations. The SAID organization passed out non-alcoholic monster margaritas.

  • Toss-Soberfest

This was the first bean-bag competition. SAID sponsored a tournament where students pair up on teams and try to toss bean-bags onto a slanted platform and into the hole in the platform. The first team to reach 20 points wins. There was music, food, give-aways and prizes.

  • To Write Love on Her Arms TWLOHA

TWLOHA is a non-profit movement presenting hope and finding help for people struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. In honor of this, a song writer, a counselor, and a speaker came out to share their stories and talents with the Saint Leo community.

  • Alcohol Awareness in the Marmion & Snyder first year male/female residence halls

SAID peer-health educators facilitated programs to educate their peers on the dangers of alcohol.

  • Night Spiker’s Glow in the Dark Volleyball before finals

SAID sponsors a glow in the dark night time event where students get together and play tournaments of volleyball and corn-hole games. There is glow in the dark paint to put on your face, arms, legs or shirts. It is played on the practice fields and the nets, balls, lines, boards, and bags all glow in the dark with the help of huge black lights. The entire practice athletic fields are illuminated. It is an event to de-stress and have fun before finals.

  • SAID Seconds during various SLU Athletics games including Men’s & Women’s Basketball and Men’s Lacrosse

SAID members facilitate a competition during the half time of Athletic games encouraging fans to participate. Fans participate in an alcohol awareness related competition such as walking with beer goggles and compete to win a prize!

  • Sober Super Bowl

SAID members broadcasted the Super Bowl from the various on campus housing. Food and drinks were provided to give students an alternative to watch the Super Bowl safe on campus

  • Healthy relationships week during the week of Valentines Day

SAID did a fundraiser to raise money for Sunrise of Pasco (a domestic abuse shelter) by selling roses and promoting healthy relationships during Valentines Day.

  • National Eating Disorder Week Scavenger Hunt

Clues were provided with the different healthy lifestyles available on campus. Winner’s received a prize of a fitness assessment and 5 personal training sessions with an SLU personal trainer

  • Tombstone Project

SAID members, SLU students and faculty created and painted tombstones during Fall & Spring Community Service Day to symbolize the amount of students lost due to a DUI incident during Spring Break. Tombstones were placed between the Student Activities Building and Crawford the week before Spring break

  • Alcohol Awareness Week

Monday: SAID Seconds during the Lacrosse Game

Tuesday: Movie Night-The movie "Knocked Up" was shown to show the risks with alcohol involved in relationships

Wednesday: Late Night Barbeque at the volleyball court outside Benoit Hall. Students were encouraged to come out for some barbeque, music, corn hole (bag toss) competition, volleyball competition and to learn about how to regulate alcohol intake with food and water ingestion

  • Sent students to attend the National Peer Health Education Conference (BACCHUS)