SAID (Students Against Irresponsible Decisions)

What is SAID?

SAID is a student-run organization recognized by SGU that promotes responsibility. It is a pledge to make smart and responsible decisions in whatever you do. We plan programs during what is thought of as the "PEAK" partying times to offer alternatives to drinking alcohol and making irresponsible decisions.

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SAID was chosen as the 2007-2008 Outstanding Organization of the Year by SGU

S.A.I.D. Volleyball Event in 2013

Mission Statement

  • To create programs and activities that promote peer responsible decision making
  • To advocate for students to have healthy experience in college to grow and develop
  • To help lower unwise decisions that lead to incidents and vandalism on campus

What does SAID do?

We plan programs to facilitate peer on peer health and wellness awareness and large scale events during increased drinking times on campus. Some include:

  • Alcohol Awareness Week The week included a DUI Simulator (to understand the effects of drinking and driving) and Day of the Dead (to show the number of fatalities due to drunk driving)
  • Fun activities (fun alternatives to drinking)
  • Guest Speakers
  • BACCUS Conference (to learn more and spread knowledge)

We teach others about:

  • Alcohol/Partying/Drugs
  • Body Image
  • Healthy Dating/Relationships
  • Self Esteem/Respect for All
  • Mental Health Wellness and Understanding

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