Campus Posting Policy

Posting Policy:
Saint Leo University encourages organizations to creatively advertise events and meetings.
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Posting notices and signs is a privilege, not a right.

All posting must be approved by The Office of Campus Life.

Posting on Campus:

  • All forms of publicity, including but not limited to: flyers, sidewalk chalk, t-shirts, candy,
    bracelets, or stickers, must receive prior approval by the Office of Campus Life.
  • Flyers must have approval prior to posting. The event must be approved by Campus Life before flyers will be approved.
  • All flyers must be placed on Bulletin Boards ONLY. Posting on walls, windows, doors, bathrooms
    (stalls or doors) etc. is not permitted. Multiple copies of the same flyer are not permitted on the same bulletin board.
  • Posting inside enclosed bulletin boards requires prior approval. Posting on the exterior of enclosed boards is not permitted.
  • All flyers must be posted in approved locations. Any flyers in unapproved locations will be discarded.
  • Flyers on vehicles, under doors or in student mailboxes are NOT permitted.
  • Staples, push pins, or masking tape are the only items permitted to post publicity. (staples & push pins are preferred).
  • Postings may not cover any other posting or sign.
  • Postings must be removed 24 hours after the event by the sponsoring organization.
  • Sidewalk chalk must be approved by the Office of Campus Life and must be cleaned within 24 hours of the event. Chalking is prohibited in any covered area and must be at least 25 feet from any building entrance.
  • Vinyl banners may be hung across the columns of the SAB with prior approval from the Office of Campus Life. The sponsoring organization will be held responsible for any costs due to damages to the building.
    ** Only rope or bungee cords may be used to hold banners.
  • All other forms of marketing, publicity, or displays must be approved by the Office of Campus Life.
  • Advertisements may not indicate the sale or service of alcohol and may not depict alcohol use.

Posting in Residence Halls:

  • Policies or informational updates from the Office of Campus Life may be posted without approval.
  • Organizations may post approved materials in residence halls, only on the perimeters or designated areas of RA bulletin boards. No other locations in residence halls will be permitted.
  • Advertisements may not indicate the sale or service of alcohol and may not depict alcohol use.
  • Postings may NOT be:
    • On doors, Windows, building desks, Walls, Bathrooms (doors or stalls)


  • Violation of posting policy may result in formal judicial action. An organization/individual may, in addition to formal disciplinary action, lose posting privileges for a specified time period.
  • The Office of Campus Life reserves the right to deny or delay approval of any posting based on content, type of posting, appropriateness or posting policy violations.
  • By signing this agreement you are affirming that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions of the Posting Policy.