First-Year Students: The Pride Program: A Foundational Leadership Program

The PRIDE program is a leadership program that allows all first-year students to gain competencies in the following areas:

P – Personal Development – Develop personal leadership skills, enhance communication, build greater self-confidence, gain greater understanding of your community, strengthen people skills, control worry and stress, create a sense of balance in your life, learn how to live in a diverse environment, and adapt to academic rigors.

R – Respect – Create awareness that all individuals are worthy of respect and dignity, understand the uniqueness and talents that each individual offers, enhance personal self-respect, learn how to learn, live and work harmoniously with others around you.

I – Integrity – Gain a greater understanding of how your personal values guide your life, develop a personal mission statement, understand and integrate the University’s mission with your own personal mission, maintain a personal pledge to be just and honest in word and deed.

D – Develop Community and Stewardship – By fostering a greater understanding of who we are and what resources we are given, we can then enhance our environment by working together in community. Students will gain insight into group dynamic, personal stewardship, as well as organized stewardship. By participating in activities where mutual trust is emphasized students will gain a greater understanding of respect and social responsibility for those around them.

E – Excellence – A personal commitment to excellence will be emphasized. Students will gain understanding into the importance of personal character. By developing leadership skills and embracing university values students will be given the tools to become responsible moral leaders within the community. As the saying goes, “To those that much is given much is expected."

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