Leadership Development

Leadership Development

L.E.A.D. Leadership Program Mission Statement:

The L.E.A.D. scholarship program is committed to the leadership development of incoming freshman students. Incoming freshman apply for the scholarship and then are selected based on their leadership involvement both in high school and their respective communities. This scholarship program is a four year process and will work with each student until they graduate. This program exists to support and stimulate leadership development throughout a student’s career at Saint Leo University. By embracing the Benedictine values held by the University, the program strives to foster an environment that encourages excellence, personal development, respect for self and others, community service, integrity, and responsible stewardship as well as develop well rounded students. By taking advantage of the leadership opportunities offered, such as taking courses, attending workshops, and getting involved on campus will develop leadership skills they can utilize for the rest of their lives.

Program Goals

1.To assist student in exploring their potential as leaders in a complex world.

2.To provide opportunities for students to engage in discussion concerning leadership within their relationships, their community, and their world.

3.To encourage students to explore ways to better serve their communities through community service, stewardship opportunities, and community coalitions.

4.To strengthen the premise that leaders can lead with integrity and moral purpose.

5.To develop student leaders who are willing to use their mind, body, and soul to be the best leaders they possibly can.

The Office Of Leadership Development for Student Involvement Presents:

Leadership Programs...

Leadership Toolkit Series
Resources will be dropped in your club and organization mailboxes up to twice a month.

Leadership Workshop Series
Workshops are presented once a month to the whole University Campus community. The workshops focus on a variety of topics to include: Ethics, Communication, Time Management, Conflict Resolution, Dealing with Stress, etc.

Involvement List Serve
Get connected to student leadership, volunteer opportunities and campus wide events.
Subscribe to the involvement list serve.

Leadership Mentor/ Mentee Program
Want to get a mentor to help you build your leadership skills?
Want to mentor underclassmen on how to be effective leaders?
Apply today!!

Leaders on the Go Program
This program is specifically designed to focus on stress and time management. It is open to any student that is involved in three or more organizations on campus.

SGU Leadership Conference
Student Government Union coordinates a leadership conference each semester to help build our students leadership skills.

President's Circle
The purpose of the President's Circle is to recognize the outstanding leadership efforts of those seniors who have made a significant contribution to Saint Leo University by integrating their personal leadership abilities and serving out the Benedictine Values set forth by the University.

Society of Leadership and Success
The society is a nationwide community that dramatically improves one's ability to successfully attain desired outcomes. The society guides individuals through the process of identifying and committing to focused and dedicated actions that lead to their personal success.

Minor in Leadership Studies
Starting in the fall of 2006 a Minor and Certificate in Leadership was established here at Saint Leo University. We are very excited about this program. To accomplish the minor you will take 6 courses or to obtain a certificate in leadership, you will need to take 4 courses.

For more information please contact Dr. Ashlee Castle, Director of Leadership Development, at 352-588-8853 or ashlee.castle@saintleo.edu

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