Interfraternity Council

Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

National Founding: December 4, 1906
National Website:
Chapter Name: Rho Xi Chapter
Chapter Founding Date: November 11, 1989
GPA to Join: 2.5 GPA
Official Colors: Black and Old Gold
Fraternity Motto: First of all, Servants of All, and We shall Transcend All
National Philanthropy: March of Dimes

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

National Founding: January 5, 1911
Founding date on campus: March 19, 2005
National Website:
Chapter Name: Zeta Chi Expansion
GPA to Join: 2.5 GPA
Official Colors: Crimson and Cream
Fraternity Motto: Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor
National Philanthropy: Guide Right

Interfraternity CouncilKappa Theta Fraternity

Chapter Founding Date: March 16, 1967
GPA to Join: 2.0
Official Colors: Red and Blue
Fraternity Motto: "Brotherhood, Respect, Unity, and Leadership"
Philanthropy: Knight of Columbus

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity

National Founding: March 9, 1856
National Website:
Chapter Name: FL Alpha Mu
Chapter Founding Date: January 13, 2007
GPA to Join: 2.5
Official Colors: Purple and Gold
Fraternity Motto: "The true gentleman"
National Philanthropy: Children's Miracle Network

Sigma Lambda Fraternity

Chapter Founding Date: November 10, 1967
GPA to Join: 2.0
Official Colors: Black and Gold
Fraternity Motto: "The Elite"
Philanthropy: The Boys and Girls Club

Interfraternity Council-2Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity

National Founding: January 10th 1899
National Website:
Chapter Name: Sigma Theta
Chapter Founding Date: September 16, 1989
GPA to Join: 2.5 GPA
Official Colors: Cherry and Grey
Fraternity Motto: "Not for wealth, rank, or honor"
National Philanthropy: Ronald Reagan Alzheimer's Association

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