Special Interest Organizations

A.L.E.R.T. (A Lion's Emergency Response Team)
The purpose of A.L.E.R.T. is to maintain a trained team of members that will rapidly respond to assist local responders during an emergency or disaster. For more information contact Mike D'Ambrosio at x8432.

Alpha Phi Omega
The Alpha Phi Omega club is an organization that encourages leadership while embracing the core values of Saint Leo University. For more information contact Robert Sullivan at x8432.

Anime Club
The Anime Club strives to increase awareness of Asian culture, to promote camaraderie through thought provoking discussions on the themes of anime, and to increase art appreciation. For more information contact Dr. Astrid Vicas at x8297

Circle K
The pledge of Circle K is to uphold the objectives of Circle K International, to foster compassion and goodwill toward others through service and leadership, to develop abilities of all people, and to dedicate ourselves to the realization of human potential.

College Quiz Bowl
This group is made up of students who compete each year in a Regional Jeopardy style academic competition. To learn more call Dr. Kevin Kieffer at X8306.

Game Creators
The Game Creator is an organization that promotes the use of creativity and storytelling through the functions of video game and creating and creative writing. For more information contact Bryan Reagan at x7403.

Golden Legend (Yearbook)
Students who are interested in working on the yearbook should call Paige Ramsey-Hamacher at x8489.

Commuter Club
The Commuter Club strives to serve as a voice for the commuters within the university community and acts as a liaison between the students and the administration. For more information contact Matt Battista at x8303.

Honors Student Council
The primary initiatives of the council are to plan social and academic events, to act as a voice o the Honors students, to fund-raise, to act as academic mentors and to serve as a liaison between the Senior Honors council and the students. For more information contact Dr. Patrick Crerand at x8437.

Humanities Club
The Humanities Club strives to promote culturally enriching events while fostering and supporting the artistic community of Saint Leo University. For more information contact Karen Bryant at x7385.

International Justice Mission
The International Justice Mission works to fight against injustice and oppression in the world by praying for the IJM staff and the victims of injustice, fundraising to support IJM's work, and participating in activities to spread awareness about human rights abuses. For more information please contact Dr. Rande Matteson at x8848.

Lioness on the Rise Netball Club
This organization seeks to improve the well-being of members through fitness, to spread awareness about the sport of Netball, and to compete with other club teams at both the state and national level. For more information, contact x8992.

National Society of Minorities in Hospitality (NSMH)
NSMH seeks to educate students and to aid in the recruitment, retention, support, and advancement of minority students in the hospitality industry. For more information, contact Judy Holcomb at x8005.

Opus Fides
"Faith at work" is a Drama and Music Ministry club that will focus on bringing Christ's love to others through theatrical experiences. For more information, contact Magda Robles at x8292.

Progressive Black Men, Inc.
PBM is a community service based organization that promotes positive images of an African American male through academic excellence, communal support, and fellowship of brothers. For more information, contact Reggie Hill at x8664.

Running Club
The Running Club is an organization that promotes running and being fit for runners of all ages. To learn more, call William Ellis at x7415.

Students Against Irresponsible Decisions (S.A.I.D)
SAID is a student-run organization recognized by SGU that promotes responsibility. It is a pledge to make smart and responsible decisions in whatever you do. We plan programs during what is thought of as the “PEAK' partying times to offer alternatives to drinking alcohol and making irresponsible decisions. For more information contact Heather Mapes at x8372. Click here to visit our site.

Students for Environmental Awareness (S.E.A.)
S.E.A. is an organization that promotes interest in the environment and fosters the awareness of the responsibilities and challenges facing an environmental scientist. For more information contact Dr. Chris Miller at x8335.

SISTUHS is an organization that promotes personal and spiritual growth to develop knowledge of thyself while providing a positive image of African American women. For more information, contact Dr. Cindy Lee at x7520.