Goizueta Scholars

                            The Goizueta Scholars Annual Report

for the 2009 – 2010 Academic Year

Scholar’s Profiles

Saint Leo University is pleased to announce the Goizueta Scholars for the 2010 – 2011 academic year is composed of twenty-nine students of which twelve are females and fifteen are males. The ethnic demographic of the Goizueta Scholars is one hundred percent Latino/Hispanic.

Saint Leo University Goizueta Scholars for 2010 – 2011 include:

Goizueta Scholar Home Town Field of Study Anticipated Date of Graduation
Diana Kase Oldsmar, FL Biology 11/2010
Dariela Alcantara Tampa, FL Business Administration/  International Business 5/2011
Esmeralda Farias Zephyrhills, FL Biology 5/2011
Charles Garcia Tampa, FL Psychology 1/2011
Danielle Moreda Tampa, FL Business Administration 1/2011
Andrew Ramos Cape Coral, FL Sport Business 5/2011
Alex Michael Valdes Land O’Lakes, FL Business Administration 9/2011
Marina Vega Lakeland, FL International Hospitality & Tourism 5/2011
Carlos M. Ramos Greenacres, FL Computer Information Systems 5/2012
Derek Obregon Paramus, NJ Biology 11/2012
Christian Tejada New York, NY Sport Business 5/2012
Ashley Ann Asel Melbourne, FL Elementary Education/ Psychology 11/2013
Brett L. Hernandez Scarsdale, NY Criminal Justice 5/2013
Edgar J. Herrera Four Oaks, NC Biology 11/2013
Daniel J. Menezes Wading River, NY Political Science 1/2013
Ciara Salabarria Riverview, FL Elementary Education 1/2013
Matthew Salabarria Valrico, FL Business 5/2013
Jaime L. Seda Sanford, FL Biology 1/2013
Nelson Blanco Valrico, FL Business Administration/ International Business 5/2014
Nancy Conejo Zolfo Springs, FL Psychology 5/2014
Shawn Dejesus Inverness, FL Biology 5/2014
Christopher Gonzalez Miami, FL Criminal Justice 1/2014
Edgar Herrea Undecided 5/2014
Daniel Menezes Wading River, NY Political Science 5/2014
Samantha Mesa Wesley Chapel, FL Undecided 5/2014
Genesis Quintana Tampa, FL Chemistry 5/2014
Dominique I. Spano Odessa, FL Elementary Education 5/2014

Twenty-seven Goizueta Scholars have been awarded $2,500 each for the 2010 – 2011 academic year.

Recruitment Plan and Retention Strategies

Description of recruitment strategies
Similar to previous years, Saint Leo University engages in recruiting efforts to build a significant inquiry pool throughout our key geo-demographic markets. Within these markets are concentrated populations of Hispanic students (i.e. Florida, New York, etc.) where Saint Leo actively markets and promotes the Goizueta Scholars Program. Admission counselors use a personalized recruitment approach based on a prospective student’s academic interests, geographic location, heritage and extracurricular/athletic activities and interests. Many applicants are invited for a campus visit which is personally hosted by current Goizueta Scholars so they can experience Saint Leo first hand.

Description of retention strategies
The Goizueta Scholars at Saint Leo University enjoy a supportive environment in which students can share their challenges and accomplishments. In order to maintain their scholarships the Goizueta Scholars must sustain good academic standing as well as attend weekly meetings, take an active role in two campus-wide community service days held each year, attend student activity fairs and leadership retreats. They are also obligated to join at least one student club/organization and assist with planning events during Latino History Month which celebrates Hispanic Cultural heritage and culture on campus.

Description of personnel/resources
The following individuals were responsible during 2009 – 2010 for the development and implementation of the programmatic elements of the Goizueta Scholars Program and have direct contact with the Goizueta Scholars:

  • Edward Dadez, PhD, Vice President of Continuing Education and Student Services, is an experienced educator and administrator who has been working in student affairs for more than 20 years. He holds bachelor and master’s degrees in College Student Affairs, a master’s in business administration and a doctorate in higher education administration.
  • Kenneth Posner, Associate Vice President for Student Services, holds a bachelor's degree in Business and Office Administration and a master’s degrees in Higher Education Administration both from Michigan State University. Mr. Posner is responsible for overseeing all departments that offer services assisting students outside of the classroom.
  • Ana DiDonato, Assistant Vice President for Student Services, holds a bachelor's degree from Saint Leo University in English Literature, a master of Education degree from the University of South Florida, College of Student Affairs and a master's degree from Saint Leo University in Business Administration.
  • Paige Ramsey-Hamacher, Associate Director for Multicultural and International Services, currently oversees international student services, study abroad, the yearbook staff and the Goizueta Scholars Program. Ms. Ramsey-Hamacher holds a bachelor’s degree from Holy Names University in Spanish and Liberal Studies and a master’s degree from Saint Leo University in Business Administration.

Status of efforts
Nine new Goizueta scholars have joined Saint Leo for the 2010-2011 school year. As of the beginning of the 2010-2011 academic year, nineteen Goizueta Scholars have graduated; twenty-seven students are currently enrolled and twenty-two students have withdrawn from the university. When contacted, several of the students who withdrew from the University, have cited the economic downtown as the primary reason for not returning to Saint Leo.

Admission process for the scholarship recipients
Goizueta applicants are recommended by admission representatives for entry to Saint Leo. In addition to qualifying grade point averages and standardized test scores, other eligibility criteria include:

  • First time for enrollment in college
  • Intent to register as a full-time undergraduate student
  • Demonstrates good character
  • Must be of Latino/Hispanic heritage
  • Exhibits strong leadership potential
  • Shows evidence their lives are guided by the Saint Leo University’s Core Values

Current Student Enrollment and Ethnic Demographics
The following numbers reflect the university college in Saint Leo, Florida only (i.e., traditional age, day program):

Fall 2009
% of
Fall 2010
% of
% change over last year
White non-Hispanic 1,062 60.9 1,065 57 -3.9
Black non-Hispanic 168 9.6 217 12 2.4
Hispanic 199 11.4 238 13 1.6
American Indian or Alaskan Native 5 0.3 7 0 -0.3
Non-resident Alien 131 7.5 -- -- --
Asian 20 1.1 30 2 .09
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (new category) 1 .01 4 0 -.01
Two or more Races (new category) 9 .05 17 1 .05
Not Specified 149 8.5 284 15 6.5
Grand Totals 1,744 100 1,862 100

To heighten the program’s visibility and to assist with recruiting and retaining Hispanic/Latino students, the Goizueta Scholars have undertaken several activities, such as:

  • Presenting educational programs to increase the awareness of Latino heritage on the university campus;
  • Developing and implementing a social and academic support network for Latino students;
  • Conducting weekly meetings to decide on future programs and holding discussion sessions on a variety of topics addressing personal and academic issues;
  • Participating in Intercultural Student Association programs;
  • Continuing participation with the Student Involvement Signature Weeks, highlighting the level of diversity on the university campus;
  • Hosting a Latino movie night followed by a discussion group;
  • Organizing a dominos tournament;
  • Inviting a Latino poet to campus;
  • Conducting a week-long Latino Heritage Festival at the Student Community Center featuring ethnic food sampling and artwork.
  • Posting a Goizueta Scholars webpage on Saint Leo website.

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Goizueta Scholars

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