What does the Student Government Union do?
The Student Government acts as the voice of the student body, presenting suggestions and concerns to Administration. We sponsor fun activities for the student body, as well as events like leadership conferences and community service day.

How can I get involved in Student Government?
The best way to get involved is Student Government is to begin attending meetings. Also, you may want to join a student organization and become their President’s Council representative. Elections for executive board positions are held in the spring and senate elections are held in the fall.

When are Student Government Senate and President's Council meetings?
SGU Senate meetings are held every Wednesday at 6:15pm in TECO Hall or another classroom location. Please contact the SGU office for exact meeting locations.

If I am not a Senator or President's Council representative, can I still attend meetings?
Yes, any Saint Leo University student may attend the Senate Meetings. Your involvement is encouraged!

Where is the Student Government Union office located?
The SGU Office is located in the Student Activities Building, office #108.

How can my organization get an allocation for our event/conference?
Your organization can pick up allocation request forms at the Student Government Office. Fill out these forms completely providing as much information as possible and submit the forms and any extra documentation to the SGU VP of Finance. The request will be presented at the next Appropriations Board meeting and you will be promptly notified of the committee’s decision.

What does SGU use my Student Activities fee for?
The student activity fees are used to provide resources and sponsor events for the Saint Leo University student body. The majority of the fees are used to sponsor activities such as amusement park trips, comedians, musicals, or hypnotists. Funds are also used to produce our own Yearbook, The Golden Legend and the bi-annual leadership conference. A very small portion goes to administrative costs.

Where can I submit my comments/suggestions for Student Government?
We would love to hear any of your feedback. Please stop by the Student Government office at any time and we will try to assist you as best we can.

What types of events or activities does Student Government host?
Through our Campus Activities Board, we are able to bring a wide variety of events to the student body. While some events like hypnotists, game shows, and laser tag are brought on campus, other trips are sponsored off campus. These events range from trips to Disney World, Medieval Times, or Musicals.

I have a friend from out of town that wants to come along on an SGU activity....will it be okay if I bring him/her?
Unfortunately, if your friend is not a Saint Leo University student he/she is ineligible to receive tickets from the Student Government. Only students who pay the Activities fee may receive them.