Fund Allocation

SGU Conference Allocation Form | SGU Event Allocation Form  | SGU Expense Request Form

Allocation Process

  1. Organizations requesting money for a conference must do so 45 days prior to the organization's event. SGU will fund no more than 75% of any conference for clubs and organizations based on legitimate costs detailed in the budget. At all times, the group should use the least inexpensive means to travel to and from the conference.
  2. If the organization is requesting money for activities and events it must do so 30 days prior to the organizations events.
  3. All organizations requesting money from the SGU must complete an allocation form that can be obtained at the SGU office. Please be sure to pick up the appropriate form for either a conference or for an event.
  4. Complete all parts of the allocation request form and return it to the SGU office. **Please remember that supporting documentation (i.e. invoices, purchase orders, brochures, conference itinerary) is necessary to verify actual cost of requests.**
  5. The SGU VP of Finance will ensure these allocation forms are complete and then meet with the Appropriations Board.
  6. After a decision is made, the SGU VP of Finance will contact the club or organization prior to the next SGU meeting to give them the details of the decision. The decision will then be announced at the SGU meeting.
  7. If the initial request is disapproved or not funded to the requested amount, the organization can ask the Appropriations Board to review their decision as long as more information is provided. This appeal must be in writing and given to the SGU VP of Finance within three days of the SGU meeting announcement.
  8. After the completion of the event or conference for which the organization was granted funding, the organization will present a report in writing to the Appropriations Board on how the money was spent. The organization may not request more funding until this task is completed.
  9. The organization that was granted funding will also be required to do a brief presentation for the SGU Senate at the next meeting informing them of what the money was spent on and how the organization benefited from their activity.

Allocation Guidelines
A portion of the SGU Activities fee paid by each undergraduate student is reserved to fund programs that meet the needs of students through their campus organizations. Funds available from this fee allow student clubs and organizations to enrich their group's co-curricular environment and the campus community.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Organizations must be recognized by the Student Government Union.
  2. Organizations must submit an up-to-date roster, by-laws and constitution to the VP of Operations within four weeks of the academic semester.
  3. The organization may miss no more than one President's Council Meeting
  4. A minimum of twenty-five percent of the organization must attend the fall and spring campus SGU leadership conferences and the fall and spring University community service days.
  5. Organizations must plan and execute at least one approved social and educational program each academic semester.

Funding Criteria:

  1. All allocations for events must be used for activities and programs open and advertised to the entire campus.
  2. Allocations for conferences will be made on a percentage basis.
  3. Capital budget items will not be funded.
  4. Each application for an allocation will be evaluated taking into consideration the history of the event and the common good of the campus community.
  5. All application procedures must be met.
  6. All allocations are subject to available funds.
  7. The Finance Committee reserves the right to fund requests from zero to one hundred percent.

Allocation Restrictions:

  1. Clubs and Organizations are prohibited from using allocated funds for any expense other than those specified on the allocation request form.
  2. Allocated funds may not be used to purchase or advertise the use of alcohol.
  3. Funds will not be allocated if the activities of the organization conflict with those of the University.
  4. If the organization is found to be misusing allocated funds, the SGU Advisor will impose future fiscal withholdings and possibly group disciplinary action.