Residence Hall & Board Rates

Housing Rates for 2014-2015

Building/RoomType Per Semester Charge
Upper-class Housing  
Apartment Double Room with Kitchen $3,900.00
Apartment Double Room with Kitchenette $3,220.00
Apartment Single Room with Kitchen $4,200.00
Apartment Single Room with Kitchenette $3,480.00
Apartments 5 & 6 Single Room $3,175.00
Apartments 5 & 6 Double Room $2,975.00
East Campus Apartments Double Room $3,550.00
Roderick Single Room $3,060.00
First-year Housing  
Alumni Double Room $2,830.00
Benoit/Henderson Double $2,560.00
Benoit/Henderson Physical Single* $3,060.00
Benoit/Henderson Triple/Quad* $1,880.00
Marmion/Snyder Double Room $2,560.00
Marmion/Snyder Physical Single* $3,080.00
Snyder Garden Level $3,080.00

*Limited number available. Medical documentation through the Office of Disability Services may be necessary with request for room.

BOARD PRICES per semester

Meal Plan Per Semester Charge
Unlimited Meal Plan $2,243.00
10 Meal Plan $1,495.00
5 Meal Plan $748.00

Please note: Students in Alumni, Roderick, Benoit, Henderson, Marmion, Snyder, and Apartments 5 and 6 are required to have the unlimited meal plan. Students in Apartments1-4 are required to choose a 5, 10 or unlimited meal plan. East Campus Residents are able to choose a 5, 10, unlimited, or no meal plan.