The Commencement participation application system is now open! Students may submit an application to participate in a Spring 2018 Commencement ceremony. The University is holding ceremonies the last weekend in April at University Campus and at other center locations May through July. 

To be eligible to apply to participate, you must:

  • Finish your program by the end of the Spring semester/term
  • OR have no more than two classes remaining at the end of the Spring with evidence of a plan to finish those classes during the Summer
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Be in good financial standing (no balance on account).

If you meet these criteria and wish to participate, you must submit your application through the online system. Each application will be reviewed to ensure the eligibility criteria are met.

You must submit your application by the deadline established for the location you intend to participate. You can find the deadlines in the online application – select your desired location from the pull down list to see the registration deadline. Once you select the location, the ceremony date will display.

Applications must be submitted no later than November 17, 2017 to participate in the University Campus ceremony. There are NO exceptions for late submissions. If you do not apply by the deadline, you still have the opportunity to select another location, as long as the deadline for that ceremony has not passed. As mentioned earlier, you can find the deadlines for each location in the pull down menu of the Commencement Application online. 

To access the Commencement Application, log into your portal. In the Online Services section on the right side, select eForm > Document Library > Student Documents > Commencement Application. You must click on Commencement Application to access and complete the form. 

Much of your personal information will auto-fill in the form. You will choose your desired ceremony location from the pull down list at the bottom of the form.**NOTE: The form will default to your student email address. You have the option to change this, if preferred

After your application is submitted, you should receive an email confirmation to your Saint Leo email account (or the address you added). The eForm system also stores a copy of your submitted application located in the folder icon with the red check. If you do not receive an email or see your form saved in the folder, DO NOT submit again. Allow 24 hours for the system to process. If you still do not have an email or saved form, call your advisor/center to verify if your application successfully submitted. Your advisor will review to verify your application or request for you to resubmit. 

If the form does not load (only a green screen), contact University Technology Services at 352-588-8888.

Monitor your email for additional information regarding the commencement ceremony and planning. You will receive detailed information via email about the ceremonies after January.

Separate from your commencement application, you must also submit a Degree Conferral Application. This application can be accessed on your portal > eLion > Academic Profile > Application for Degree/Certificate Conferral. You will receive reminders when it is time to submit and pay the fee; however, you are welcome to complete the form now.

If you have any questions, contact your center or the Registrar’s Office (352-588-8460).