PAL Program for the Advancement of Learning

What is PAL (Program for the Advancement of Learning)?

PAL (Program for the Advancement of Learning) is a one week intensive program offered through the First Year Experience office, beginning one week prior to the fall term. PAL continues through the fall semester to provide ongoing support for student success. It is designed to ease the transition from high school to college, and to provide academic support and skills training for students who need additional help in preparing for college success.

The experience will allow students to sharpen needed academic skills, learn time management skills, and experience the demands of college in a supportive environment. Students will also engage in activities designed to enrich the learning process and promote the development of relationships with peers, faculty and staff.

Upon completion of the one week pre-term experience, students will be enrolled in 15 academic credits in the fall term. Student progress will be carefully monitored and students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA at the end of the fall term in order to continue at Saint Leo University.

What are the goals of PAL ?

PAL (Program for the Advancement of Learning) at Saint Leo University:

  • Introduces students to the expectations of the college classroom for successful academic performance
  • Provides students with the necessary tools in time management and organization to successfully acclimate to the academic environment
  • Develops significant relationships with other students, faculty, and professional staff
  • Familiarizes students with the university and with the resources for success available at Saint Leo University
  • Enhances the Saint Leo community as students perform acts of community service

What is the start date for PAL?

PAL (Program for the Advancement of Learning) commences the week prior to the start of the fall term. For 2016, the program runs from August 13-18.  Students will continue to receive services throughout the fall semester.

What happens after PAL?

PAL (Program for the Advancement of Learning) students are monitored for their first year by the Director of First Year Experience and will be assigned an academic advisor.

Students will be required to see their advisor on a regular basis, attend SLU 101— First year Experience, SLU 100S—Mastering Study Skills, SLU 100L—Supported Individual Study Lab, and use the services of the Learning Resource Center. Certified Peer Educators/Mentors will also be available to PAL (Program for the Advancement of Learning) students on a one-on-one basis to assist students in succeeding, both academically and personally, at Saint Leo University.

What do students study in PAL?

PAL (Program for the Advancement of Learning) students will arrive a week early and go through a workshop series learning about resources on campus, college survival, and study skills.

During the fall semester, PAL (Program for the Advancement of Learning) students will engage in 15 semester credits, composed of the following required course load:

1. Academic Writing (3 cr) (by placement)
   ENG 002—Basic Writing or ENG 121—Academic Writing

2. Math (3 cr) (by placement)

3. 1 designated University Explorations course (3 cr)

4. 1 designated University Explorations course (3 cr)

5. SLU 101— First Year Experience (1 cr)

6. SLU 100S—Mastering Study Skills (1 cr)

7. SLU 100L—Supported Individual Study Lab (1 cr) 

What is the cost of PAL?

PAL (Program for the Advancement of Learning) cost for 2015 is $250. This fee covers the following additional costs for the early arrival program:

  • Room in Residence Hall
  • Dining Services
  • One-on-one services with Certified Peer Educator/Mentors
  • Academic and college readiness workshops, and social activities including trips to local attractions

For more information contact:

Jennifer Garcia
Director of First Year Experience
First Year Experience Office
352-588-7222 · 352-588-8499