Past Senior Project Topics - Part 7

Teegarden, Ciara

Mentor: Heather Parker

Second Reader: Anthony Esposito

My goal is to research and organize any helpful information for Saint Leo’s History majors. In that, I hope to: design a website including Professor Biographies, course requirements and descriptions with a list of possible careers for History majors as well as organize local trips, internship opportunities, scholarships, and create an informational pamphlet about the history department. I would also like to suggest possible courses for the department as well as help to organize and publicize the history Honor Society, Phi Alpha Theta. In order to complete this task, I will be interviewing and gathering information from numerous offices around campus including Career Services, IT Services, the History Department Professors, and any other individuals that the aforementioned may lead me to. I will also be research other school’s history departments via their websites and any information they have for prospective students to find ideas to improve our own program. As a result I would like to know that I made the Saint Leo University History department more accessible and hopefully give future students some of the information I lacked during my time here.

Velazquez, Amanda

Mentor: Margaret Ostrenko

Second Reader: Shawn Bingham

The purpose of this project is to assist the Millennial Generation in the transition into the workforce. The Millennial Generation was born between 1980 and 2000 and are the most studied generation to date. Initial research suggests that Millennials and their predecessors are becoming increasingly frustrated in communicating with each other because of the differences in their expectations and needs.

With this project, the student hopes to gain a better understanding of the challenges that Millennials face when entering the workplace, the challenges that their superiors face, their future work identity and how increasing technology used to communicate has affected their relationships.

The student intends to create a Handbook for the Millennials and if time permits, their superiors. This manual will detail the differences in viewpoints, expectations and needs of the Millennials and their superiors. If this project is successful, the student hopes to make the publication available to the Career Resource Center. The student plans to accomplish this task by researching the expectations of both the Millennials and previous generations using internet and text resources as well as interviews and surveys.

In the past, the student has noticed the differences in expectations of her generation, the Millennials, and previous generations. The student will soon be entering the workforce in the Communications field and is interested in learning about what to expect when working with those of different generations and better inform her peers as well.

Venderley, Jacob

Mentor: Edmond Kenny

Second Reader: Michael Farrant

I plan to design and create the media guides for all 16 intercollegiate sports here at Saint Leo. Along with this I plan to keep a journal/ work log that will detail the work I put into this project. I expect that this project will reward me personally by giving me a solid and tangible project that I would prefer. I like this project because it involves two of my interests which are sports and publishing. I also expect that my project will benefit the university because several sports have never had media guides before. I also feel that this will allow Saint Leo to be more visible to the community in terms of athletics.

VerVoort, Sara

Mentor: Casey Tully

Second Reader: Fran Reidy

Many people see the accounting field as a bunch of number crunching activities, more or less boring. My plans for my senior honors project are too be a combination of accounting, planning, and working efficiently toward a goal.

I plan to work with Casey Tully in the financial department of the athletic center to determine a better structure for both the ticket taking and concessions at sporting events. The system that the athletic department is currently using seems to be very inefficient and misleading. The final total amounts for both the ticketing and concessions are misleading for many possible reasons.

My job within this project is to take charge of the process for both the concessions and ticket taking at sporting events. I plan to research other schools processes for these two duties and improve the methods here at Saint Leo University.

Ward, Patricia

Mentor: Jane Govoni

Second Reader: Karen Hahn

This project will help a student become a better teacher by preparing her to help all of her students in the most effective manner. Teachers work with a diverse population of students, including ones with disabilities. The student wants to learn creative, effective ways to best work with ESE children.

Through this project, the student wants to further her background knowledge in working with diverse students; specifically students with learning and physical disabilities. Saint Leo University only offers one course that teaches how to work with these students. The student, after having taken this course during her sophomore year, does not feel that it was enough. Disabilities were only briefly touched on since that is all time would allow. The student wants to dive deeper into this topic to learn how she can help these students receive a top-notch education.

The student hopes to be interning at a specific elementary school in Hernando County this fall. This school is known for its ESE program. The student would like to observe at least two ESE teachers and interview them on what strategies they think works best. The student would also like to contact the Hernando County District Office and learn what training teachers receive in this area. An added resource will also be the student's former cooperating teacher, who specializes in ESE.

The student hopes to become a great teacher. To do this, she feels that she needs to be able to reach out to all of her students. The information and knowledge that she gains from this project will help her to do just that.

Wright, Charlene

Mentor: Heather Parker

Second Reader: Tammy Zacchilli

For my senior project I will involve both the history and psychology disciplines. I will be examining the historical role of Black women in the United States beginning with slavery, and conducting an experiment to examine if these roles have shaped the perceived roles of Black women in modern-day society.

It was important that I choose an honours senior project which takes the route less traveled. Black women’s studies is an area which is often overlooked, ignored or deemed taboo. Being such a vital part of such an integral demographic, I believe it is entirely worth extensive research and the potential brow-raising.

Womanhood for the Black woman has been incorrectly defined by various instances of negative behaviors and archetypes. It is my aim to show that these societal standards are rooted in historical beginnings stemming from the conceptualized stereotypical roles of Black women during slavery and the years subsequent. I will do this by researching the history of the Black woman during this era and, by way of psychological measures, examine the modern-day concept of the Black woman.

For this project I will be using online databases, library texts, and academic textbooks to research the historical aspects. I will also use the extensive knowledge base of my mentor, second reader as well as other persons knowledgeable in this area. I will also use online databases to source psychological measures suitable in the assessment of public opinion.