Past Senior Project Topics - Part 4

Bolich, Cecilia

Mentor: Karen Bryant

Second Reader: Kathryn Stasio

For my study, I will be reviewing literature and art of Western Europe and claiming that through these works it is evident that societies restricted women to be virtuous only in beauty and chastity. In consideration of my academic interests in both literature and art history, and my future ambition to pursue these interests in grad school, I wanted to create a project that would both promote these areas and expand my knowledge. After investing time and effort into finding a project that conflates the two, I decided to narrow my research to either the Medieval and Renaissance periods. Also, after completing courses in British literature and survey courses in the history of art I became increasingly aware of my fascination with these periods of time.

With my research I hope to find consistent examples of my argument through the two eras and also find works of literature and art which complement each other. What’s more, I hope to be further inspired by my findings and choose an area to specialize in for grad school as well as choosing the appropriate school for my interests.

The resources for my project will mainly include the actual texts and artwork for my review and critics’ commentary on them. I would also like to integrate information from historical textbooks and information about the roles of women in comparison to the roles of men during the two time periods.

Carey, Deangria

Mentor: Linda Bergen-Losee

Second Reader: Anthony Kissel

The subject of this project is The Ethical Issues Surrounding Organ Transplants. My career goal is to become a gynecologist and obstetrician. As a doctor I will aspire to be the most ethical I can be and serve my patients with absolute honesty according to standard guidelines set in place by the constitution under which I am employed. Before an audience I hope to show awareness on the subject area. Many persons are not aware about the ethical issues surrounding organ transplants. I hope to raise the question, Does saving one life constitutes sacrificing another? How can I protect or donate my organs? I hope to present the effects that organ transplants has on society at large. By completing this project I hope to create a more positive attitude towards organ donors and examine the true cost of an organ transplant. I plan to examine case studies as well as the overall success rate of persons living with donated organs for this project. I will also conduct a survey analyzing the attitudes of organ transplants among college students at Saint Leo University. By completing this project I hope that my knowledge about the subject area will be expanded. I also hope that by weighing the positives of organ transplants I will become more open-minded about the subject so to ensure that I stay on the cutting edge of technology in my profession.

Chaudhary, Priyamvada

Mentor: Galo Alava

Second Reader: Leo Ondrovic

A residency is an opportunity for advanced training in a medical or surgical specialty. There are so many residency programs out there to choose from that the whole procedure could be quite nerve wrecking. A lot of students who start out wanting to study Biology/Pre-med at an undergraduate level haven’t made a decision as to what they would like to specialize in. It is not necessary to know exactly what you would like to choose but it is always an advantage to analyze your options and form a rough idea. It would also help to know what are the programs that are popular and the ones that are not so you a student can assess the level of competition, etc. Having prior knowledge about the trends will help a student decide better about what residency he/she would like to pursue.

The first step would be to collect data that is accurate and from a dependable source like different school websites or from the National Residency Match Program. The student should collect data for at least the last five years to be able to hypothesize that there is some sort of trend or incline. After collecting data from different sources the student will look at the different residency programs in the country and the positions available. The data will help provide exact numbers for positions available, positions filled and positions not filled. The student will create graphs, tables, or any form of data representation required, to show the tendencies over the past five years. This should help visually examine where the medical field is headed and the student should be able to logically deduce certain conclusions.

With the help of this project the student will understand better what field of medicine requires more doctors than others and which one has enough. This could be important in making a career choice between income and passion for something or both. This could also lead to understanding why there is a current shortage of doctors in country. The purpose of this project is to inform future medical students and anyone interested about the options out there and help them make a decision in the future as to what they would want to specialize in. Most of the student doing the project will gain a lot of important information that will be very useful in the future.

Cook, Amanda

Mentor: Edmond Kenny

Second Reader: Vicki Fredrickson

I want to find out how aware students are of athletic events here on campus. I will be surveying students about their attendance to athletic events and how knowledgeable they are about upcoming games, matches, etc. I will attempt to pinpoint the reason why attendance is or is not low, whether it is lack of advertising or just lack of interest. Being an athlete here at the university, I really wanted to incorporate athletics into my Senior Honors Project, since I plan on continuing my athletic career after college. By doing this study, I hope to find that lack of interest is not the main reason, but that if they were better informed, they would attend more athletic events.

Curry, Andre

Mentor: Jennifer Garcia

Second Reader: Kenneth Posner

The student is an active member of the Greek Life Community here at Saint Leo University. His project’s aim is to revamp and face-lift various facets of the Greek Life system here at Saint Leo University, inclusive of but not limited to the accreditation standards, organization constitutions, and an overall pamphlet for student, faculty, and staff use. This student will record the journey of planning, preparing and executing this project.

He will then evaluate his progress based on a projected timeline. Seeing the work and dedication needed to implement and execute this, this student has chosen to work closely with Jennifer Garcia, who is currently the Greek Life Advisor at Saint Leo University, as well as a few other sources who will aid in making this project a success.

This project will boost Greek representation here, as well as promote Greek unity and enhance the perception and vibes of Greek life in the eyes of faculty, staff, current and prospective students. This will pave the way for building strong and lasting relationships that will be beneficial to the growth and development of this campus.

This plan will also develop, boost, and re-unite the Greek community and the community at large. In carrying out this project, this student hopes to improve and advance the Greek system here at Saint Leo University so that it will be able to better perform here on campus as well as within the community. This student also hopes to aid in the expansion of Greek organizations on campus in a more structured format and encourage unity and development amongst these organizations.

Resources will include various Greek staff members of the University, as well as Greek participants within the area at large. This student will also work closely with a publishing or printing company to develop a format for my pamphlet/book that can be used for future years here at Saint Leo as a source of reference. Currently, there are eleven Greek organizations on Saint Leo’s campus inclusive of four sororities (female organizations) and seven fraternities (male organizations). This student’s inspiration really comes from the love for his fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. By incorporating work with passion, and the urge to achieve in every field of human endeavor, this student will assist in the aims and purposes of this university, centered around its six core values, with the hope of inspiring and motivating service in the public interest. The student will reaffirm the thought that here at Saint Leo University, you will love the person you become here.

DeRonde, Heather

Mentor: Donald Pharr

Second Reader: Anthony Esposito

I am doing an original short film project on the Iowa Caucus.

The 2008 Presidential elections have brought a mind-blowing amount of material to the American public’s attention. It came to my attention that people may not understand what occurs during a caucus, short of what is covered in short news clips. I believe that people have a better understanding of political concepts through film and television pieces that are engaging and interesting.

My intended result of this project is to show people what the Iowa Caucus does for the election, the effects of campaigning on Des Moines (where the caucus is held), and present an engaging look at the Caucus leaving people with a desire to know and understand more.

My resources for this project include studying politically-minded film and television pieces, books on the subjects of film and electoral processes as well as meeting with independent film producers and directors.

I hope to gain a better understanding of film production and direction as well as further my goals for film production.

Donovan, Sean

Entrepreneurs are said to be the backbone of the American economy. Small businesses in American account for more than half of the country’s GDP. Hard work, and sometimes a little bit of dumb luck, is what something great is built upon; which is what the senior project, and lifetime goal, strives for. With that in mind, owning and operating a small business has always been a dream and a passion for this student. Designing an effective and accurate business plan is the most important step that any business can take and will often times determine success or failure. The business plan itself is the most important tool for any company, corporation, or small business to have; and without this tool, a business is more lost in the world than a fart in the wind. This project is one step closer to the ultimate goal and will exhibit all of the skills, knowledge, and abilities gained through the educational program set down by Saint Leo University.

Huybrechts, Jessica

Mentor: Gallo Alva

Second Reader: Michael Dwyer

For my senior honors project, I will show how the implementation of a wellness program within a business will greatly reduce employee turnover, improve morale and increase overall company productivity. I will consider the human resource management and accounting aspect while utilizing search engines and case studies. The reason for my interest in this project is because I know the importance of nutrition and exercise in order to maximize performance. As an accounting major, I would like to examine the cost effectiveness of implementing this kind of program within a business.

Izquierdo, Daniel

Mentor: Joseph Neptune

Second Reader: Shawn Bingham

The student has chosen a project concentrating on how fashion and metro sexuality impact masculinity in both European and American societies. The student will also emphasize how fashion and metro sexuality of males impacts a culture, society, and the individual. In addition, the student will emphasize how this recent phenomenon has been acknowledged within the high fashion and men’s grooming and cosmetics sector.

The student will conduct extensive research about the subject. Most of the research will be composed in Europe where he will be spending his whole fall semester. In addition, he will be searching for research online on databases which have journals and articles about the subject matter. The influence of the media and advertising will also add to the student’s comprehensive research. The student expects to be very successful with the senior honors project because traveling, fashion, business, and cultural studies are some of his areas of interest.

The student will be studying abroad at John Cabot University in Rome. Traveling the world and fashion are topics which the student finds much pleasure. Throughout the fall semester, he will be continuing his course of study in Rome. Throughout his time abroad, the student will travel throughout Europe analyzing different cultures and societies, and he will analyze how metro sexuality influences the lifestyle of men in Europe. He will also look at how high fashion industries are impacted by the high concentration of men who care about their appearance. Being that Milan is one of the most concentrated men’s fashion Mecca’s of the world, the student will frequently travel there to analyze the high concentration of fashion and how it impacts males and how masculinity is perceived within that context. He will also compare and contrast those points with how it relates to that lifestyle within the United States. Furthermore, the student will exemplify how these points have helped the industries of high men’s fashion and men’s cosmetics. The student hopes to have a worthwhile experience in Europe; learning a lot about how fashion influences their societies, and how it especially impacts the perceived views of masculinity and the phenomenon of metro sexuality.

The student established that his passion for travel and the study of cultures in respect to masculinity has inspired the launch of his project. He is really excited of what is to come when he gets to Italy, and he looks forward to gathering real effective research which will help him in putting the project together. The student looks forward to working with his mentors, Dr. Neptune from the Business School, and Dr. Bingham from the Sociology Department of the College of Arts and Sciences. With the professors’ assistance, the student is confident that the project will be a success.

Laws, Heather

Mentor: Lewis Gambill

Second Reader: Cyle Sage

Children are the future generations, and what many do not understand is that they come in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities. As an education major, children are my passion. I plan to work with children that face mental and physical obstacles, so this project will revolve around children and adults that are jumping hurdles that I have never had to. I am focusing more on the physical aspect, such as the Olympics and other sporting events that include everyone.v

I will be attending a few sporting events that are especially for children with handicaps, and research a few athletes that have overcome their physical obstacles. I plan to learn more about what motivates people with physical challenges into training to be some of the most victorious athletes.

I will be working with children over the summer and observing how they compete and feel about physical activity. I hope to find a spark that drives people to compete when they are faced with challenges. There are also many controversies concerning “unfair advantages” and athletes that are actually handicapped being barred from competing in the Olympics. Several stories of “unfair advantages” will build onto my project.

I have planned with someone an interview sometime in the future with a tri-athlete that has one leg. I also want to volunteer over the summer in a facility that is willing to foster physical events. There are several internet resources, as well as books that will defend my project and allow it to grow.

Inspiration is the key to success and motivation. Running is another passion of mine, and I feel like I will have more in common with athletes that have overcome so much. I sometimes struggle with my competition, and I want to learn how to improve my mindset.

Macdonald, George

Mentor: Kevin Kieffer

Second Reader: Anthony Esposito

Patriotism, often defined in the psychological literature as love for and positive identification with country and its symbols (Slotterback, 2006; Kosterman & Feshback, 1993), is an important factor influencing the enlistment rates of the American volunteer military. Given that Americans are typically conceived as “Freedom Fighters” who have developed a deep-seated cultural sense of patriotism that dates from the founding of the nation, these “American Patriots” mutually pledge to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor as outlined in the United States Declaration of Independence. The American Patriotic Spirit (APS) predisposes United States citizens to fight to live in a free and independent state with the unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The purpose of this honors thesis is to focus on the development of the APS from a values construction perspective.

Through an exhaustive research of the Psychological Literature, this student hopes to propose a modified or new working definition of Patriotism. Further, the student wishes to learn, understand and experience the American Psychological Association’s (APA) approach to research, writing, conferencing and publishing. To accomplish these goals the student will make extensive use of EBSCO Host, the Saint Leo’s online database. In particular, the Educational Resource Information Center (ERIC), PsychInfo, PsychArticles, PsychEXTRA, and Google scholar will be used. In this Project a priority will be given to peer reviewed articles, but it should be noted many facts and figures will come from the Department of Defense and other governmental organizations.

This student made a decision to return to school to retrain after a twenty-five year career in Pastoral Ministry in Canada. This student was in Portland, Maine on September 11, 2001 and was overwhelmed by the outpouring of patriotic emotion that ensued post 9/11. On returning to the United States in 2007, this student noticed a still prevalent sense of attachment to the nation and pride in the symbols of the country. The student wanted to engage this question of emotion and pride from a psychological perspective in order to understand what binds the United States. This from the perspective of an individual who had lived the last twenty years in Quebec, Canada where one of the main goals of nearly half the population was creating their own French nation. Therefore understanding is a primary goal of this Project. A second, equally important goal, is to become competent in researching, writing, conferencing and publishing in the world of Psychology. The goal, therefore, is to understand a complex issue and share my results as a self authoring scholar.