Freshman Apprenticeship

  1. Do you want to make a difference in the field of education? Graduate Studies in Education is seeking a motivated student who is interested in participating in research and data collection.
  2. Are you interested in publishing? See Dr. Jane Govoni in the Education Department to learn how you can be involved in creating a textbook for teachers working with non-English speakers. Your work will be credited in the text!
  3. Looking for a student with an interest in special education to assist with research focused on improving lives of children with exceptionalities.
  4. Want the freedom and finances to create exciting and effective recruitment materials while meeting new people and learning the technical side of marketing? Sign up with Dr. White
  5. Are you more creative as a team? Two or more friends can share their creativity making dynamic marketing materials then test them while learning the ropes of recruiting.
  6. Want to learn about the National Security Agency (NSA). Join the Computer Information Systems faculty in exploring NSA secrets on the computer.
  7. Are you social? can become even more social by helping us in the Social Work department!. Be a part of our new Master of Social Work program startup!
  8. Assist Pre-Law Advisor with new initiatives to strengthen student awareness of law school opportunities. Honors student mentees should be technically proficient in Facebook, Twitter, web pages, and other means of electronic communication. (up to 2 students)
  9. Interested in working on the internationalization of the school of business by working on a US Department of Education grant proposal? Your student perspective is very valuable!
  10. Participate in doing libray-based research and data sorting in two educational research projects, one with student communication in an online class and the other with autism student interaction with technology at an elementary school.
  11. Podcasting, research, people.. what do they have in common? The Library. Get caught online, reading; help with a research and PR project; see your READ art work in print. Interested?
  12. Interested in learning history as well as how a student Honors Society runs? Come assist Dr. Anthony Esposito with Phi Alpha Theta, the national history Honors Society on campus.
  13. Professor seeks help with research for potential publication of lab manual. The pay is non-existent and the hours inversely proportional but fame [???] potentially beckons!!!!!!!
  14. Interested in International Accounting? The completion of Dr. Dean’s project may result in you and he attending a prestigious accounting conference to present a collaborative research paper in this new and exciting area.
  15. Interested in the impact of using technology with children? This involves research on technology/learning and working in a classroom (background clearance required) with the possibility of presenting our findings.
  16. Come learn to carry out some brain research procedures that may help me establish an animal model for specific learning.
  17. Interested in Trends and Researching Home Health Care in the USA? Successful completion of Dr. VOK's project will get you published in a professional Public Health Journal in Europe.
  18. Interested in an experiment with "flip cameras in the classroom" and how this technology will help social work students to practice their interviewing skills? Successful completion of Dr. VOK's project will get you published in a professional journal.
  19. Twitter! Facebook! Google Apps! Got it? Have it? Willing to participate in an experiment with “the new social media” as applied to college students and their academic success? This project is for you. See Dr. Stewart.
  20. The MBA Office will host an International Business Conference November 5-7 2009! We are looking for your help if you are interested in meeting people, working to assist with conference planning and attending the event here on campus.
  21. Ever wanted to know how a magazine or website gets put together? Are you interested in art, fiction, poetry, photography? Join Dr. Crerand on the Sandhill Review project, a student literary magazine produced here on campus every year.
  22. Science faculty member seeks "artistic student" to construct molecules for use in designing web pages.
  23. Interested in working on our CIS mobile security and network lab? Join Professor Gendreau in organizing the equipment, installing and testing open source security tools. This is learning on the job with no prior experience necessary. Moreover, it will enhance your resume!
  24. The student will conduct research in the area of encryption, particularly with respect to use with computer networks. Programming will be required. This may lead to a presentation at a local conference.
  25. Need 1 student to assist in amassing research data on American Catholicism which will also be used for classroom discussions.
  26. Is your major Biology, Medical Technology or Environmental Science? If yes and you want an opportunity to increase your chemistry knowledge sign up to assist Dr. Anthony as he develops new experiments for inclusion in the Organic Chemistry Lab program.
  27. The Social Science Division is seeking an honors student who is interested in politics and government to assist with a project related to the 2010 census. We will be developing programs and projects that will involve students and faculty and the community in the process of carrying out the 2010 census which involves collecting data, carrying out research of various kinds, and becoming involved in interpersonal interaction with the community.
  28. Are you interested in learning about how to conduct empirical research, and how to coordinate and facilitate empirical research on campus? I have an opportunity for a bright and self-motivating student to work as the Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Research for the psychology department. You will learn about research from a published Organizational Psychologist with extensive experience in research. As both the chair of the Institutional Review Board and the Director of Undergraduate Research, I have a perspective on how to conduct, coordinate, and facilitate empirical research that could strongly benefit students. I’m especially interested in working with a student who is interested in pursuing a graduate degree. Please see Dr. Draves if you are interested in pursuing this opportunity.