Dr. Patrick Crerand, Honors Director
Assistant Professor of English
(352) 588-8437
E-mail: Patrick.crerand@saintleo.edu

Dr. Jacci White, Assistant Honors Director
Professor of Mathematics
(352) 588-8338
E-mail: Jacci.white@saintleo.edu

Tyson Anderson, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Religion and Theology

Corey Anthony, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Douglas Astolf, Ph.D.
Professor of History

Stephen Baglione, Ph.D.
Chair, Professor of Marketing

Howard Carey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology

Terry Danner, Ph.D.
Professor of Criminal Justice

William Ditewig, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Theology and Religion

Anthony Esposito, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History

Lee Hobbs, Ph.D.
Chair, Assistant Professor of English

Robert Imperato, Ph.D.
Professor of Philosophy, Religion and Theology

Leo Ondrovic, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Physics

Mary Spoto, Ph.D.
Dean of Arts and Sciences
Professor of English

Donald Pharr, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English

Carol Walker, Ph.D.
Dean of Education and Social Services