Honors Program

Honors Program

The Saint Leo University Honors Program consists of an integrated sequence of six interdisciplinary courses which are spread over the first three years of college and an extensive senior year honors project which is carried out under the supervision of a distinguished faculty mentor.

Honors courses revolve around the reading, interpretation and assimilation of great books in the liberal arts and sciences. Informed absorption of great ideas, rather than mere acquaintance with them, is the goal of the program.

The Honors Program does not seek to provide a comprehensive treatment of world intellectual achievement nor to undertake a survey of Western civilization. Its purpose is to probe in depth the original minds of a few significant thinkers, doers and dreamers. Consequently, each honors course explores only a few carefully selected works.

Honors courses are small in size and tend to emphasize responsive writing assignments, small group discussion, multimedia presentations and collaborative projects.

Each course has its own theme or focus, which is supplied by the instructor, but the entire sequence of honors courses is carefully integrated so that knowledge obtained in one course may be applied directly to the next. The Honors Program strives to reinforce the notion that a liberal arts education furnishes a coherent body of knowledge that serves the needs of the intellectually well-rounded individual.

The Honors Program provides an alternative means of satisfying the general education requirements that all Saint Leo University students must fulfill. Students therefore are encouraged to apply regardless of their major, whether it be literature, environmental science, sports management, education, business, etc. In the Honors Program, students representing a wide variety of intellectual perspectives meet on common ground frequently debating controversial subjects and exploring personal concerns and interests.

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