Comprehensive Exams FAQs

1. What is the value of taking the Comprehensive Exam?

Saint Leo University is committed to excellence in teaching. The comprehensive examinations provide reliable measures of how well you and your fellow students are prepared. With the results of these exams, we can compare Saint Leo University with other universities and identify areas in which we need to make improvements.

2. What does the comprehensive exam cover?

The comprehensive exams are multiple-choice exams that cover the core curriculum in your major. The exams assess areas covered in core classes in your program.

3. Is there a study guide or a sample exam to assist in taking the comprehensive exam?

While there are no published study guides, the ETS website has further information on the Major Field Test exams. See for test descriptions and sample questions. We also suggest reviewing the texts and your notes from your core classes.

4. If I fail the comprehensive exam, will I still be able to graduate?

Students must complete the examination in order to graduate. Student performance on the exam will not affect your ability to graduate.

5. When I take the exam, what do I have to bring?

DO NOT bring books, calculators, or notes with you. You will not be allowed to use these items.

6. How long does it take to complete the exam?

The time limits for each exam differ. Time limits range from 1 hour to 2 hours. Your student advisor can let you know how much time is allotted for the comprehensive exam in your major.