Advanced Placement Exam

Advanced Placement Exam Transferrability Guidelines

Credit awarded with score of 3 or higher
Biology BIO-225, BIO-1XX Scientific Perspective – Life
Calculus AB MAT-231
Calculus BC MAT-231, MAT-232
Chemistry CHE-123, CHE-1XX Scientific Perspective – Physical
Computer Science A COM-207
Computer Science AB COM-207, COM-2XX
English Language & Composition ENG-121, ENG-1XX Writing – 1st requirement
English Literature & Composition ENG-121, ENG-122 Writing Perspective
Environmental Science PSC-1XX Scientific Perspective – Physical
French – Language FRL-1XX (6 credits)
French – Literature FRL-1XX (6 credits)
German – Language FRL-1XX (6 credits)
Government & Politics/Comparative POL-223 Global Perspective
Government & Politics/ U.S. POL-223 Global Perspective
History – European HTY-124, HTY-1XX Global Perspective
History – Art ART-123, FAS-101 Aesthetic Perspective
History – U.S. HTY-121, HTY-122 Global Perspective
Human Geography GEO-1XX
Latin – Literature FRL-1XX (6 credits)
Latin/Vergil FRL-1XX (6 credits)
Macroeconomics ECO-201 Global Perspective
Microeconomics ECO-202
Music Theory MUS-123, MUS-121 Aesthetic Perspective
Physics B PHY-221, PHY-222 Scientific – Physical
Physics C – Mechanics PHY-221 Scientific – Physical
Physics C – Electric/Magnet PHY-222 Scientific – Physical
Psychology PSY-121 Human Behavior Perspective
Spanish – Language SPA-111, SPA-112
Spanish – Literature SPA-212, SPA-211
Statistics MAT-201
Studio Art ART-221, ART-1XX Aesthetic Perspective