COL Faculty Responsibilities


Faculty Responsibilities

The faculty member understands that academic representatives from Saint Leo University will be monitoring the class site and syllabus for all class sections.

In compliance with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation, faculty members are responsible for adhering to the published curriculum guides for each course taught (see Faculty New Term Checklist for instructions to this website). Faculty members are also responsible for adhering to Saint Leo University's values which include: excellence, community, respect personal development, responsible stewardship and integrity.

Each faculty member agrees to:

  • Be prepared with all course material by the Monday prior to the first day of class.
  • Be familiar with the Academic Adjunct Faculty Handbook which can be found at:
    Academic Adjunct Faculty Handbook
  • Be aware that you must advise your students to use if your course is writing intensive.
  • Check email every 24-48 hours and responding within that time frame.
  • Read Discussion postings, evaluate the content, and respond 5 times a week, at the very least, with a summarizing statement to let your students know that you are reading and evaluating their postings.
  • Post an 'Announcement' every week.
  • Provide adequate and timely feedback on all assignments and exams by Wednesday of each week after the student deadline has passed.
  • Be available for chatroom two hours per week for office hours.
  • Check your email from the previous term each day for 2 weeks (14 days) after the term ends.
  • Follow-up on all incomplete grades.

Please remember that creating a community of learners is an important factor for online learning. As a faculty member, you are setting the tone and modeling a "virtual classroom" for student participation.