COL Faculty Checklist

Faculty New Term Checklist

Use this Checklist to track your preparation for the new term:

  • Please review Saint Leo's Mission and Goals
  • Please review Saint Leo's Core Values
  • Please review the article by Holly M. Hutchins titled "Instructional Immediacy and the Seven Principles: Strategies for Facilitating Online Courses"
  • Update and post all required contact information within the Instructor Contact link under Course Menu. Please do not provide the telephone number of the COL to students as your emergency contact information.
  • Send a welcome email or announcement to your students. Please do not include your personal email addresses in any emails or postings to your students.
  • Alert students of all pertinent dates and times for your course. These include start and end of term and exam submission deadlines.
  • Change and post a "announcement" message every Monday.
  • Correspond with students via the classroom's "Email" function only.
  • Make expectations for your course very clear to your students. The course syllabus should include the course objectives and evaluation.
  • Inform students of academic standards for works submitted. Saint Leo's Academic Honor Code can be found on page 9 of the University Catalog
  • Be sure to use when required within any course you teach.
  • Update your contact information with the Center for Online Learning
  • Contact Learning Studio (formerly eCollege) Technical Support at 1-866-501-1636. This HelpDesk service is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.