Faculty Development

Fulltime faculty at University Campus and fulltime and part-time faculty at all Centers are eligible to apply for Professional Development Funds. There are two different funds, and individual faculty members need to fill out the correct fund application, and submit it to the correct person(s) in order to be eligible for the funds.

To apply for Professional Development Funds, a faculty member must follow the appropriate guidelines, or submit the appropriate form supplied by the University.

If you are a full time University Campus Faculty member, you are eligible to apply for Professional Development Funds using the following form.

The completed application should be submitted to either Peter Wubbenhorst or Stan McGahey. If you have any questions regarding the form or deadlines for submitting the form, please contact either Peter or Stan.

If you are a Center Faculty member, either full time or adjunct, you are eligible to apply for the Shirley J. Goeffroy Professional Development Fund.

The Shirley J. Goeffroy Professional Development Fund is available to encourage and support School of Continuing Education faculty, including center adjuncts, in their involvement in scholarly activities that will contribute to professional growth and to enhance the quality of education available to our students at Saint Leo University. This Professional Development Fund provides for faculty reimbursement awards through recommendations by a School of Continuing Education constituted Professional Development Committee. Awards will be determined based upon the scholarly merit of the request, the needs of the University and the needs of the individual. The Goeffroy fund has two different aspects – (please read the wording carefully) – School of Continuing Education faculty should follow the directions listed in the University Campus guidelines , while Center faculty and all adjuncts interested in applying should follow the Center and adjunct guidelines.

A final report concerning your professional development will be required that documents the use of the funds and attests that all University financial policy and procedures have been followed.

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