Adjunct Faculty Relations

You are the backbone of this university.

“Our university is about people with a mission to educate and prepare individuals to make a good living and a better life for themselves, their families, and their communities…We emphasize today the core Benedictine values of community, respect for all, and stewardship, along with the additional values of excellence, personal development, and integrity. We work hard at each of our many locations to fulfill our mission and to establish a learning environment that manifests these values,” Arthur F. Kirk, Jr.

Welcome to the Department of Adjunct Relations

The Department of Adjunct Relations is charged with bridging the gap amongst adjunct faculty across each of our center locations.

The Adjunct Relations team is here to assist you, advocate for you, and bring relevant training that you have stated you desire. If you have an idea, concern, or question please contact

The team also produces a newsletter distributed electronically. The newsletter contains helpful information, links, and news about what’s going on at campus and at our centers. If you have events you’d like to share please contact us. The newsletter is sent through email, and you can also find copies of past issues in our archived section, see the link below!

Nikii Lewis
Administrator of Adjunct Relations
Saint Francis Hall, Room 206