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Interviewing the Student

Hiring the Student

Student Payroll Information Form (SPIF)

Student Employment Hire Date

To confirm Federal Work Study for an applicant

Time Sheet Protocol

Student Payroll

Supervisor Required Forms

Job Posting

Templates are provided in the HR system for creating job postings. Click here for the approved pay scale to ensure that you have the job classification name in the title. Titles must start with either Work Study or Student Employment. Every department has Federal Work Study funds in their budget (51350). Some departments have NON-FWS funds (51340). In the Minimum Requirements section of the posting, include "Federal Work Study Award Required". If you have NON-FWS funds, begin the title of the position with Student Employment.

To orient new students to the University, be sure to include a Job Summary that gives an overview of your department name, location, and scope of responsibilities. Include a contact email address in the Job Summary. Students are encouraged to contact the department to schedule an interview after they have completed the application process which includes a cover letter and resume. Students returning to the same job are not required to apply online.

Always use the phrase "per approved pay scale" in the Pay Rate section. Click here for the Approved Pay Scale.

Submit the job posting to the JLD Coordinator for approval and posting in a timely manner so that postings will appear to applicants approximately 3 weeks before the start of the new academic year.

Interviewing the Student

Students are advised to contact you to schedule an interview.

  • Review the student's class schedule to ensure this applicant is appropriate for your position. Student workers may not work during scheduled class time even if the class is canceled. Encourage the student to apply for another position if you are not going to hire him/her.
  • Confirm with the student that they have Federal Work Study and the amount they are awarded. This information is in their eLion account. You can also confirm in Datatel.
  • Review the approved pay scale with the student to ensure understanding of the hourly rate based on classification and academic level.
  • Complete the student portion of the Student Payroll Information Form (SPIF) during the interview to ensure you have the required data. The SPIF can be shredded if you decide to make an alternate applicant choice.

To expedite the hiring process, you may conduct telephone interviews prior to the start of the term. Students have been instructed to prepare their class schedule and a proposed work schedule for the interview. Students may not work during a scheduled class time even if the class is canceled. Click here for Important Dates.

Hiring the Student

  • Access the applicant section of your job posting to change the "status" to "recommended student for hire".
  • Student Employment will be notified by email that you have made a decision.
  • Submit a Student Payroll Information Form (SPIF) to the Student Employment Office.

Complete a Student Payroll Information Form (SPIF) for each student that you want to hire. Do NOT leave any blanks.

Submit the (SPIF) to the JLD Coordinator. Student employees are required to submit a new W-4 Form and Direct Deposit Information. An Email Notification of approval to begin work will be sent to the Hiring Manager.

Hiring an International Student

A United States Social Security number is required for all persons to be hired in the US. To apply for a Social Security number, you must have a promise of a job.

The hiring supervisor will write a letter to Social Security with the details of the job: Click Here for SSA Letter Sample.

The International Student Coordinator will write a letter outlining your student visa status.

You will take both letters to the Social Security office with your passport and I-20 to complete the application.

Bring the original Social Security card, Passport, and I-20 for completion of the new hire documentation.

International students may not begin employment until the Social Security Card has been received and documentation requirements have been completed.

Student Payroll Information Form (SPIF):

  • Complete the form in its entirety.
  • Campus forms are submitted to the Student Employment Office by the hiring manager or supervisor.
  • CES forms should be mailed directly to Student Employment Office in time for processing of payroll.
  • Complete one of the following: FWS; FWS-CS; NON-FWS; International
  • Circle the appropriate classification
  • Write in the hourly rate
  • The approved pay scale is included in the SPIF for your convenience.
  • Department/Location is required
  • 10 digit Account number is required (including 51340 for NON-FWS OR 51350 for FWS)
  • Hiring Manager Signature is required
  • Incomplete forms will be returned to the department and will delay the hiring of your student worker.

Student Employment Hire Date:

  • Students may not begin work until all payroll documentation is completed
  • Student 'approved for hire' email will be sent through the online application system
  • Do not allow any student to accrue hours for pay until hire date is confirmed

To confirm Federal Work Study for an applicant:

  • Datatel
  • AIDE
  • 2013
  • Student ID#
  • Award
  • E status

The Award amount listed is "Estimated" for the Academic Year. Ex: $3500 = $1750 for Fall '11; $1750 for Spring '12. It is estimated status because the award may be reduced by the Financial Aid Office when a student has a change in their financial aid package. Although it is the student's responsibility to check in eLion, it is advised that supervisors access Datatel monthly to confirm the FWS award. Any earnings over the FWS award will be charged to the department NON-FWS budget (51340).

If you offer a job to a NON-FWS student, attach documentation to the SPIF that you have 51340 budget funding. The Financial Aid Office does not have authorization to monitor or approve NON-FWS funds. The student will not be approved to begin working without proper documentation. International Student earnings are charged to the 51340 budget.

Students returning to the Same Job do not complete an online application; they will be required to complete new hire paperwork.

Time Sheet Protocol

  • Time sheets contain confidential information.
  • Retain time sheets in a secure area of the work place. Review correct time sheet completion with the work study. Follow the payroll schedule for timely submission to the Payroll department.
  • Student employees work a maximum of 20 hours per week determined by official class schedule. Work is not allowed during scheduled class time even if class has been canceled.
  • Accurate Time Sheet Completion: Students are required to complete their own time sheet signing in and out per the established work schedule. The supervisor is responsible to review the student time sheet for accuracy in scheduled hours for each work day; accuracy of the hour calculations daily, weekly and payroll cycle; student must sign and date time sheet when submitted to supervisor for review and approval on the last day worked of each pay period.
  • Any student who falsifies a time sheet will be terminated immediately and disciplinary action will be brought against them by Saint Leo University.

Student Pay Checks:

  • Direct Deposit is required for student employees
  • Review the Pay Dates and Post a Payroll Schedule