Monarch Money

Monarch Money is a form of cash advance available to Saint Leo University students who attend courses at University Campus. Monarch Money refers to funds credited to the student ID card that can be used for purchases in the Campus Bookstore and also to purchase meals in the Dining Hall and the Lion’s Lair. Monarch Money may be added to a student ID card online via eLion or at TRANE Stop. Certain restrictions do apply, namely:

  • Monarch Money is limited to use on campus and cannot be redeemed for cash.
  • Monarch Money can be added to a student ID card throughout the semester. However, after week 4 of the semester or week 2 of the term any funds added to the ID card must be paid at the time of receipt.
  • Monarch Money must be repaid when tuition is paid on the account and is considered due on the day it is issued. Failure to pay can and will result in holds on the student’s account.
  • The maximum amount of Monarch Money permitted to be added to the student account is $600 in a semester or $300 for a term, unless paid with cash up front.
  • Students receiving CH 31 Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits or Athletic Aid may not utilize Monarch Money unless paid for at time of issuance.

By purchasing Monarch Money, students authorize Saint Leo University to hold any credits from Title IV financial aid to cover balances resulting from Monarch Money.

It should be noted that Monarch Money is charged to the student’s account. Thus, Monarch Money that is not timely repaid is a debt owed the University. This debt will result in a financial hold and all other consequences, including possible collection efforts, which apply to unpaid amounts on the student account. If for any reason a student’s enrollment ceases, he or she remains liable to the University for Monarch Money that has not been repaid. (Remember, students are not permitted to register for classes or graduate with an outstanding account balance.)

Please contact Student Accounts to discuss billing and payment questions at 352-588-6600 or at