Transition to College

College is a big change, not just for your child, but the whole family.

The beauty of sending your child to a small, liberal arts school with a strong tradition of community is that we're with them every step of the way.

Each Saint Leo student has a built-in support network—a group of people whose first priority is students. Every residence hall floor has its very own RA and peer minister to help students make connections and maintain balance. Along with professional staff, they keep students positive and engaged, whether they need advice on stress management, homesickness, living with a roommate or budgeting personal finances. University Ministry, counseling services, academic advising and tutoring also help nurture the mind-body-spirit connection.

And to help parents and families adapt to college life, our Office of Parent Relations offers the following guides. We hope you use them as a starting point for many productive conversations with your child.

Explore Transition to College