University Style Guides

To the members of the Saint Leo University community:
Saint Leo University is a complex institution with many locations, numerous programs, and increasingly diverse methods of delivering education services. Our success in communicating the high quality and great value of the university depends on consistency in our messages to all our various constituencies.  Each individual's efforts contribute to the overall image we project; therefore it is critical for us to maintain the rigorous standards that will accomplish this goal.
People notice when we present the university in a professional manner by being consistent and articulate.  When each member of the university community contributes to this consistency and style, everyone benefits from the cumulative value.  Each of us is rewarded for being an effective member of the team and the university is rewarded with increased positive recognition.
The university has developed three guides to help everyone be responsible stewards of the Saint Leo University brand:

The Editorial Style Guide provides basic guidance for the development of copy for both external and internal communications.
The Graphic Standards Manual offers information about correct application of the university's branding and proper use of the Saint Leo University Logo.
The Athletics Identity Standards for information about proper use of athletic logos and marks and their various applications.

Please use these manuals to assist you in the preparation of all communications and marketing materials.  If you need advice, it is readily available.  For questions about editorial style or the application of the Saint Leo University logo, please contact the Office of University Communications at (352) 588-8572 or the Marketing Office at (352) 588-7478.  For questions regarding our athletics logos, contact Athletics External Operations at (352) 588-8223.

Thank you for your dedication to our shared goals.


Arthur F. Kirk, Jr.

Click on the images above to download these documents to your desktop.  If you prefer a hard copy, you may request one from the Copy Center at (352) 588-8330 or  If you choose to print a copy on your local printer, please select "double-sided" as these documents are designed to minimize the amount of paper used.