Urgent Virus Alert from OIT

February 03, 2006

OIT is encouraging everyone to be extra diligent today while reading email. There is an email virus attack that is expected to affect the internet today. The virus is called either Kama Sutra or Black Worm. We are unsure of the various signatures and variations that the messages will use, so we are asking everyone to exercise the following precautions while computing:

  • Do not open any messages from an unknown sender
  • ever open email attachments unless you are certain you know what they are. Attachments that end in .vbs or .exe are executable files that often (though not always) contain viruses.
  • Ensure that virus protection, and windows updates are installed and up to date.
  • If you are a resident student at main campus, SLU staff or SLU faculty and you think your computer may have been infected, shut down immediately and contact Technical Support Services at (352) 588-8888 to avoid spreading the virus throughout to friends and colleagues.

As we learn more about the viruses, we will communicate more detailed information about how to identify the messages that will likely contain the virus. We ask in advance for everyone’s patience and understanding while this attack runs its course. Virus clean-up and prevention is a tedious process that takes a conscientious effort from all. 

Thanks in advance for everyone’s cooperation.

Terrance Knowles, Technical Services Manager

Saint Leo University