Two Sport Business Majors Score Internships Abroad

May 18, 2010

Two Sport Business Majors Score Internships Abroad Two Saint Leo University student-athletes who have completed all their academic coursework are capping off their degree programs with summer internships outside the United States.

Internships are required for Saint Leo University undergraduates seeking the Bachelor of Arts in sport business, which prepares graduates for a variety of leadership positions in the worlds of professional or amateur sports, recreation, and related fields. Often, an internship can lead to a paid professional position with the same organization. Or the internship experience can give the student a sense of what specific types of jobs in the field most excite them.

Anna Riss, who came to Saint Leo from Germany and played very successfully on the women’s golf team, is hoping her internship at a football (soccer) club in Munich will help her pinpoint a specific career interest. “I will be working at FC Bayern Munich in the marketing/event management, sponsorships, merchandise, sales, and ticketing Departments for about three weeks each,” she said. “That way I can get a feel for every area.”

“I would love to stay with either Bayern or another soccer team in Germany and work on my master's and doctorate degrees on the side,” Riss said.

Another student-athlete is finding his sport business internship opportunity Down Under.

David (DJ) Garry is traveling to Australia, to a suburb of Melbourne, to work at the Chadstone Lacrosse Club. It’s the same club where a Saint Leo student held an internship last summer, so the university and the club have a track record together in spite of oceans of separation.

Garry, who is from Indiana, played for the Lion’s lacrosse team. “I was never able to study abroad because of lacrosse, so I wanted to do something out of the country for my internship,” he explained. “My responsibilities vary, but all have something to do with lacrosse. I am going to play on the men's team for Chadstone, help coach the younger teams, and do things inside the office (including handling duties for the team website, marketing, and make coaching videos).”

Such work experiences are of immense value to Saint Leo undergraduates, said Eric C. Schwarz, associate professor of sport business. “The importance of experiential learning via internships as a capstone to the undergraduate sport business program is crucial to success for our students entering the field,” he said. “With the continued growth of sport business globally, and Saint Leo University’s mission to become a leading Catholic teaching university of international consequence for the twenty-first century, the expansion of our experiential learning program to countries such as Germany and Australia is a natural evolution of our program.”