Student Group Finds Several Ways to Warn Classmates of Dangers of Drunk Driving

March 11, 2010

Student Group Finds Several Ways to Warn Classmates of Dangers of Drunk DrivingOnce upon at time, the Chevy Blazer in the photo above was intact, and was carrying four people. The driver was under the influence of alcohol. No one survived. It’s a story some Saint Leo students asked their classmates to remember during Spring Break week, when many young adults have free time.   

Students Against Irresponsible Decisions (SAID), an organization on Saint Leo’s main campus, sponsors activities throughout the year to guide peers away from risky behaviors and dangerous practices. At this time of year, SAID participates in National College Alcohol Awareness week, and decided to make its point with the wrecked car and an educational forum.

“We like to bring awareness to the issue,” explained Madison Starinieri, president of SAID.  “The wrecked car was an innovative idea for this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week and we as an organization were very excited,” she said.

For help in finding a suitable vehicle, the group turned to Robert Sullivan, Saint Leo University’s executive director of Campus Security and Safety. Sullivan borrowed the blazer from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, and had it placed on the lakeside patio outside the dining hall a full week before Spring Break. Students couldn’t help but encounter the car at some point during their week.

SAID also sponsored an evening educational forum featuring a law enforcement officer and a defense attorney speaking about their professional experiences with people arrested for DUI. For more information about SAID, click here.