SLU Professor a Contributor to Major Catholic Newsweekly

August 11, 2009

SLU Professor a Contributor to Major Catholic Newsweekly Catholic Deacon William T. Ditewig, professor of theology, was a featured author in the July 20-27 edition of America magazine with an in-depth, three-page article on the role of deacons.

Professor Ditewig is an acknowledged expert in Catholic academic circles on deacons, who are members of the clergy, along with bishops and priests. Contemporary deacons are married or single men who are ordained into the order of deacons by bishops. They teach the Gospel; they can preside at baptisms, weddings, and funerals; and they share in outreach to the community, often assisting those in need. At the same time, they hold down jobs to support themselves and their families. As a group within the Church, deacons are referred to as the diaconate.

Dr. Ditewig explains more about this multi-faceted and little-understood role in his article for lay readers, called "The Ministry of Deacons: Married and Ordained." He begins with an amusing story about an instance where a parishioner reported that he was shocked and confused to see that Deacon Ditewig, who had delivered the homily during Mass, left the church after Mass with his wife and family. The article is still available on the magazine’s Web site, (type the word "deacon" into the search box) and in the print periodicals collection of Cannon Memorial Library. America has been published weekly by the Jesuits for 100 years and provides coverage of news, societal issues, arts and book reviews, and other topics of interest to Catholic readers.