Saint Leo University Polling Institute Surveys Capture National and Florida Political Results

December 12, 2013

The recently launched Saint Leo University Polling Institute has captured vital data on the national and state levels. Through the combination of the poll results and the expertise of the faculty, the university is providing a valuable perspective on subjects of national, state, and regional interest.

The polls’ national findings were released for the first time on Wednesday with the publication of results of views on politics, campaigns, and elections. On Thursday, similar questions related to Florida politics were issued. The institute’s surveys will regularly include oversamples of Florida voters in its political polls.

“The state of Florida continues to be a microcosm both demographically and politically of national trends,” said Drew Gold, associate professor of management at Saint Leo and the institute’s executive director. “Pollsters continue to examine Florida as a key battleground state in national elections,” continued Dr. Gold.

Some of the major topics covered in the Florida political survey include:

  • - Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie surfaced as the party favorites in Florida
  • - Florida Republicans support natives former Governor Jeb Bush and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio
  • - Incumbent Florida Governor Rick Scott trails former Governor Charlie Crist in the new gubernatorial contest
  • - Floridians believe that Congress is failing them

The other themes from the initial poll include holiday consumer culture, the impact of technology in our lives, the Pope’s popularity, and more. The holiday, consumer culture, and technology results will be available December 13.

The full results and polling information are available on the polling institute’s website, You can also follow the institute on Twitter @saintleopolls.

Saint Leo University is working with the Center for Research and Public Policy to administer the polling. Information about the polls’ methodology is available on the institute’s website.

The second Saint Leo University national poll will be conducted in March 2014. The Saint Leo University Polling Institute will issue findings on a quarterly basis.