Saint Leo University Offers New Student Veteran Transition Resource Course

August 18, 2014

Saint Leo University recently began offering an online Student Veteran Transition Course. The new course is designed to be more informational in nature than the typical academic-required courses. All student-veterans studying at Saint Leo campuses or online are eligible to enroll.

“Transitioning from active duty can be an extremely challenging endeavor,” said Tedd Weiser, interim director, Veteran Student Services at Saint Leo University. “This course was created to provide students with an abundance of resources to help ease, or hopefully remove, the burden veterans’ encounter while pursuing their educational, personal, and career goals,” continued Weiser.

Course resources and the accompanying textbook (resource kit) can be beneficial to veterans’ family members. The philosophy is if family members are provided the same resources, it will have a direct, positive impact on the student veteran.

The eight-week module course is designed to make a veterans’ life easier rather than more burdensome. The course can be started, paused, or stopped, and continued at a later date.

“We want this course to be an encouragement to veterans and their families,” concluded Weiser.

The course is being facilitated in partnership with Competitive Edge Services, or “Corporate Gray,” which connects transitioning and former (separated/retired) military personnel with employers nationwide in print, in person, and online.

As a designated Military Friendly School and a member of the Student Veterans of America, Saint Leo University’s Veteran Student Services helps facilitate veterans success by providing support, resources and information to meet the unique needs of student-veterans. The VSS office provides information on getting started at Saint Leo, veterans’ benefits, academic policies and on and off-campus resources. It also administers the Veteran Student Emergency Fund.

For more information, visit /resources/distance-learning-program/student-veteran-transition-course.aspx.