Saint Leo Scholarship Recipients: Investments in the Future

April 06, 2011

University President Arthur F. Kirk, Jr., with three Saint Leo students who spoke Thursday during the Opening Doors of Opportunity Scholarship Luncheon at the beginning of Homecoming 2011. The luncheon allows scholarship donors the chance to meet and mingle with current students benefiting from their generosity. Additionally, three students were chosen to speak to the entire audience about their academic experiences and the career paths they are pursuing.

Saint Leo Scholarship Recipients: Investments in the Future Ashley Asel ’13 (pictured at right) is majoring in both elementary education and psychology. She would like work as a school counselor overseas. Ian DiMitri ’11 (at left), graduating with a degree in business administration, shared that he is the first in his family to be graduating from college. He found that involvement in student activities helped him develop leadership skills that he expects will serve him well in his career. Oscar Redden ’11 (second from right), is another business major who is also the first in his family to graduate from college. He said he discovered at Saint Leo that “I can create my own destiny.” He plans to enroll in the weekend Master of Business Administration program at University Campus after graduation, and plans to become a scholarship donor himself one day.

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