Saint Leo A Desirable Destination for Irish Undergraduate

December 18, 2013

Twenty-one year old Janet Small says she doesn’t think she has had a bad day since coming to Saint Leo’s University Campus at the beginning of fall semester for a year of business studies.

Janet has completed three years of the four required years of study at Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland, to fulfill her dream of becoming a pharmacist. She was eager, though, to take a break from those studies to participate in Study USA, a program supported by the government of Northern Ireland to send highly qualified students to American colleges and universities for a year of study. The intent is to give the younger generation international exposure and business skills that will better equip them as future business leaders.

Janet had learned early on about the program. She had already worked part-time at pharmacies and thought the business education would be beneficial if she is ever to own her own pharmacy. Janet won a spot in the highly competitive program, and was delighted that she landed at her first choice, Saint Leo.

Life at University Campus has met her expectations, starting with orientation for international students and continuing through her academic experiences. “There are lots of opportunities to make friends.” She’s also found a sizable population of international students as well as Americans--her roommate is originally from Peru--and greater gender balance in her classes than in her past educational experiences. Courses in communications, hospitality, marketing, and psychology are broadening her formal education.

She also appreciates the campus-sponsored trips to area attractions. Over Christmas break, she is traveling to as many U.S. cities as possible.