New Recycling Project Catches Students' Attention

April 29, 2009

New Recycling Project Catches Students??? Attention Many Saint Leo students who live on the main campus during fall and spring semester are now facing the daunting chore of packing up their rooms and moving their possessions. And that means deciding what to do with items that won’t fit into the car for the trip home, but that someone can use.

The university has found a way to make it easier for students to donate such possessions. SLU has leased three large storage containers and placed them outside residence halls so that students can sort and donate items on campus, as they pack up their belongings. Activity has picked up as underclassmen finished their final exams. Items collected so far include usable furniture, shelves, extra clothing, and non-perishable food items. Underclassmen were required to vacate residence halls by midday Wednesday, April 29.

Jeff Aker from plant operations was on duty outside Snyder-Marmion Hall Tuesday to lend a hand when two students came by with a lightweight futon frame to donate (shown in photo). Another plant operations employee, Calvin Capehart (shown in photo), said he was glad students were donating extra clothing that can be used by area families.

In past years, plant operations employees have noticed that some students discarded useful items they no longer needed with the regular trash that goes to landfills. The idea of leasing separate containers to encourage donations seemed a wiser choice, both for the environment and for households stressed by the troubled economy.

The university is working with area churches to distribute donated clothing and furnishings to people in need. Non-perishable food items are going to a local food pantry.