New Programs and Improvements in Place for Start of 2017-2018 Academic Year

August 04, 2017

Saint Leo University students and faculty everywhere are readying for the fall semester, and the university has some innovations and new academic options available. Here are some highlights of developments that will be apparent at University Campus.   

Decades singers Library of Congress The School of Arts & Sciences will launch its Decades Project, which will examine a recent decade in history through the lens of arts and sciences. The University Campus community can expect to see multiple events in the fall that focus on the 1960s; some events will be open to the public. Watch upcoming notices for a series on films made in the 1960s, a faculty music recital featuring performances of pieces composed in the 1960s, the concert programs featuring student musicians, and more. (Photo from the 1963 Newport Folk Festival from the Library of Congress).


Cannon Memorial Librarys new SkylightsThe Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library building has been refreshed with new interior paint throughout and new LED (light-emitting diode) lighting and ceiling tile on the main floor, creating a brighter, patron-friendly environment (pictured).

 The university has a new cohort of students called Emerging Math and Computer Science scholars. A group of nine has been admitted to study either computer science or math at University Campus with tuition support from sources including the National Science Foundation. These high-achieving students will receive mentoring and career exploration support during their years at Saint Leo, and help fill the occupational need for professionals with these backgrounds. Another cohort will be recruited for Fall 2018.

 Another small group of admitted students hoping for legal careers is taking advantage of a cooperative program with Florida State University College of Law. The 3+3 Accelerated Law School Program is for students who are certain that they want to pursue a career in law. They must be high-achieving, highly motivated, self-directed students who are ready to engage in a rigorous course of study with a major in English, political science, or history. Students enrolled in this program will complete their bachelor’s degree programs in three years rather than the traditional four. They will have close and direct contact with faculty and program advisors. They will apply to law school at the start of their junior year, and, if accepted, will attend law school for the traditional three years there and earn their law degree. The benefits of this program include a shorter path toward graduation, savings of an entire year of undergraduate tuition and expenses, and the prestige of being accepted into an elite program.

University Explorations Logo

The liberal arts foundation program, called University Explorations, has added another three-credit course option at the sophomore level called Feeding the Planet (GLO 210 HM). The course is available first to students at University Campus. Students will examine how food is produced worldwide and what methods can be employed to meet global needs in sustainable ways. University Exploration courses are designed to bring students into a relatable topic with deep academic substance and teach them how scholars approach the subject matter. Descriptions of more University Explorations are available here: /academics/university-explorations/program-overview/ue-course-descriptions.aspx

For more information on any of the programs described here, contact Jo-Ann Johnston,
Saint Leo University academic communications manager, at