New Faculty Welcomed at Saint Leo

August 28, 2013

This year Saint Leo University welcomes 26 highly qualified individuals to the faculty of the university’s three schools and the Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library. Saint Leo’s three schools are: the School of Arts and Sciences, the School of Education and Social Services, and the Donald R. Tapia School of Business. Front row, from left: Alexia Makris, Lucia Farriss, Jennifer Toole, Darla Asher, Lisa Rapp-McCall, Kenneth Embry, Cheryl Clauson, Elizabeth Visedo, Joanne Crossman. Back row, from left: Samuel Wicks, Anthony Laverghetta, Michael Novak, John Harding, Stephen Okey, Van Nguyen, Keith Jones, Frank Orlando, Russell Clayton, Juan (Ed) Roman.

Individuals are joining Saint Leo at both University Campus and several education centers.

The new professors and instructors are listed here, by school appointment, or by library appointments. From left: Susan Hill, Phillip Neely, Tim Powers, Ramona Taylor.

School of Arts & Sciences

Cheryl Clauson, assistant professor of biology at University Campus

Anthony Laverghetta, associate professor of psychology at University Campus

Michael Novak, assistant professor of theology at University Campus

Stephen Okey, assistant professor of theology at University Campus

Francis Orlando, instructor of political science at University Campus

Donald R. Tapia School of Business

Russell Clayton, assistant professor of management at University Campus

Kenneth Embry, associate professor of communications at University Campus

Lucia Farriss, instructor of economics at University Campus

Scott Homan, associate professor of management in Savannah, GA

Keith Jones, associate professor of marketing at University Campus

Alexia Makris, instructor of health care management at University Campus

Van Nguyen, assistant professor of computer science at University Campus

Juan (Ed) Roman, assistant professor of accounting at University Campus

Kathleen Terry, assistant professor of management in Marietta, GA (suburban Atlanta)

Jennifer Toole, instructor of multimedia management at University Campus

School of Education and Social Services

Joanne Crossman, professor of education at University Campus

Susan Hill, associate professor of education in Lake City, FL

Phillip Neely, associate professor of criminal justice in Gwinnett, GA (suburban Atlanta)

Tim Powers, instructor of criminal justice at the Adult Education Center at University Campus

Lisa Rapp-McCall, professor of social work at University Campus

Mark Rubin, visiting assistant professor of criminal justice in Savannah, GA

Ramona Taylor, associate professor of criminal justice in Chesapeake and South Hampton Roads, VA

Elizabeth Visedo, visiting assistant professor of education at University Campus

Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library

Darla Asher, assistant professor

John Harding, assistant professor, assigned to writing and research

Samuel Wicks, assistant professor