New Agreement Opens Doors for More Military and Civilian Students

May 14, 2012

More_MilitarySaint Leo University has signed an academic agreement with the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa to allow JSOU students to enroll in established criminal justice degree programs at Saint Leo.

This articulation agreement is in many ways like similar agreements Saint Leo has in place with various community colleges to allow students who have completed core liberal arts requirements to enroll more seamlessly in upper-level courses at Saint Leo in distinct academic majors. This practice eases the way for future transfer students into Saint Leo to earn bachelor's degrees in the field of their choosing.

The major distinction in this case is that JSOU is a specialized institution that draws its students from the military population and from the civilian population working in military affairs, rather than from a geographic area, as do community colleges. Special Operations Forces were created by the U.S. Department of Defense to protect the nation and its interests, and JSOU delivers the educational programs needed by the decision-makers in the art and science of special operations work. JSOU is a relatively young institution, founded in 2000.

Saint Leo has a proven history of supporting and providing educational opportunities to the military, noted Dr. Kirk, and also has a long-established teaching office at MacDill, making this a natural academic partnership.

This agreement specifically applies to Saint Leo's popular Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice, the Bachelor of Arts in criminal justice with a specialization in homeland security, and the certificate in homeland security. The terms of the agreement lay out what academic courses Saint Leo will accept from JSOU students transferring into Saint Leo for the bachelor's degree. With this kind of framework in place, students, faculty, and advisers can better plan student progress.