MBA Program Plans Two International Study-Tours

December 12, 2008

For the second year, Saint Leo University's MBA Program is offering its students a chance to combine academic coursework and foreign travel.

MBA Program Plans Two International Study-Tours In 2008, 14 students from the master of business administration program traveled to Slovenia for 10 days and visited with key participants in southern Europe's tourism and development sector. The idea for the trip made sense on several levels. In terms of immediate and practical benefits, the students would have the opportunity to learn about a tourist economy that differs in many ways from Florida's and broaden their view of the business sector. On a more fundamental level, by bringing Saint Leo faculty and students abroad, the School of Business is helping SLU fulfill its mission as "a university of international consequence."
The 2008 excursion proved, indeed, to be a great idea. The student-travelers raved about the program in follow-up presentations, and suggested more international learning opportunities should follow.
So this year, the School of Business is offering two trips designed to overlap with the Spring Semester academic break, the week of March 16.

Students can enroll to visit Taipei, Taiwan, from March 6 to 14; or Costa Rica, Central America, from March 13 to 22.

Each trip can accommodate 25 travelers. Students can earn credit in the Global Business Studies course or the Strategic Management course – depending upon which trip they select.
The learning experiences available continue to be directly relevant to the management careers Saint Leo students will pursue, said Bob Robertson, Ph.D., director of graduate business studies. "Most businesses do some of their work overseas, or bring some of their work in from overseas," he noted.
At the same time, Saint Leo understands that its MBA students, who may study on the main campus, at Regional Education Centers, or through the Center for Online Learning, have to balance their graduate business education with work and family obligations.

Many students have asked for study programs that won't conflict with their other academic obligations and that can be scheduled during a vacation from work, said Robertson.
Saint Leo has managed that with a program that is "designed around a tight schedule, with very little downtime," Robertson said.

Taiwan held obvious appeal as part of the complex and growing Asian marketplace. The island is the home of a diversified economy with both industry and services. Saint Leo already partners with the Lincoln Business School in Taiwan to offer the SLU MBA program there, and so has established contacts able to assist with this tour.

Costa Rica's economy relies on tourism, including ecotourism, agriculture and electronic exports. Like the United States, Costa Rica faces complex challenges with workforce issues and immigration concerns with migrant workers. Foreign investors are attracted to Costa Rica for its political stability, education levels, and trade-zone incentives.

Details about the trips, including costs and deadlines, are available by visiting this link.