Marine Biology Courses

January 20, 2012


Saint Leo University’s innovative lecture and field laboratory courses in marine biology return this summer as science offerings at University Campus.

The course dates for Field Problems in Marine Biology and Field Programs in Marine Biology Laboratory (BIO 345 and BIO 345L) are May 7 through July 6. The cost for the two courses is $2,304.

Dr. Bill Ellis, associate professor of biology, teaches the courses and recommends interested students contact him as soon as possible to discuss the course requirements and schedule.These are challenging courses, but students will receive an unparalleled experience they will remember fondly for years to come, Dr. Ellis said.

Students will be exposed to the plant and animal life in all the major marine environments of the Southeast, giving them an ecological overview that includes not just the ocean life and coral reefs sometimes featured in documentaries, but also salt marshes, mangrove swamps, seagrass beds, and other critical habitats. Students will design and conduct innovative field experiments in each of these habitats.

For more information, e-mail Dr. Ellis at