Lions Roar in the Classroom: 11 of 16 Teams Post Greater than 3.0 GPA

January 26, 2009

With the release of the final fall 2009 semester grade reports, Saint Leo University Director of Athletics Fran Reidy is pleased to report that one of his long-time goals had been realized.

The cumulative grade-point average (GPA) of the Lions’ student-athletes has exceeded 3.0 for the first time since the NCAA began requiring their respective institutions to submit grade reports in the 1980’s. As at many institutions, Saint Leo undergraduates are graded on a scale of up to 4.0, with 4 representing an “A.' The 3.0 grade represents a “B.'

"What I am most happy about is that as our athletic success has grown with regional appearances, All-American awards, and championships, our academic performance has also steadily improved,' said Reidy.  “We are very proud of our student-athletes and the great balance they have shown in academic and athletic success."

No program was lower than a 2.79 GPA, or a “B-.’’

Eleven of the university’s 16 teams posted higher than a 3.0, with the women’s cross country team earning a 3.41 GPA to lead the way.  Women’s swimming posted a 3.23 and softball was right behind with a 3.19 GPA.

This is a great achievement for both the Department of Athletics and Saint Leo University, with the Lions concluding what is arguably their best all-around fall season on record.

GPAs by Sport

Women's Cross Country:3.41
Women's Swimming:3.23
Softball: 3.19
Men's Golf: 3.16
Men's Tennis: 3.15
Volleyball: 3.15
Women's Soccer: 3.14
Women's Basketball: 3.12
Women's Golf: 3.07
Men's Soccer: 3.07
Men's Cross Country: 3.02
Men's Swimming: 2.97
Women's Tennis: 2.96
Lacrosse: 2.87
Men's Basketball: 2.82
Baseball: 2.79

Average: 3.02