Innovative Academic Courses Offer Guided Travel Abroad

March 24, 2008

Saint Leo faculty from the English, Fine Arts and Humanities Department have developed two new courses that will allow students to combine traditional, on-campus study with a Thanksgiving study trip to the British Isles.

The three-credit courses will be offered for the first time in the Fall 2008 semester.

Innovative Academic Courses Offer Guided Travel Abroad ART 400ST, taught by Karen Bryant, will present a general survey of the cultural development of the British Isles as reflected in painting, architecture and sculpture. Important works of art collected during the imperial age of Britain and still housed by British museums, such as Elgin’s Marbles, will be studied. ART 400ST fulfills one of the course requirements for the IIA minor at Saint Leo.

English 400ST, taught by Elisabeth Aiken, is a survey of the Western World in translation, focusing on works from, about, or related to England, Wales, and Ireland, and ranging from ancient Mesopotamia to writers of the modern period. ENG 400ST course hours can be applied to either the English major or General Education credits.

The courses include a joint, guided academic trip to Ireland, Wales and England over Thanksgiving break. Students will have opportunities to see the important works of art they have studied. They will travel to the lands of Shakespeare and Chaucer, and of Yeats and Joyce.

Bryant and Aiken encourage students to consider enrolling in both classes for an in-depth understanding of British culture.

Although the trip has been specifically designed for students in the art and English courses, SLU is making tickets for the nine-day excursion available to all students, alumni, staff and faculty who wish to go - whether or not they enroll in ART 400ST or ENG 400ST.

The trip will cost about $2,500 per person, not including the tuition for the Fall Semester courses. Installment-payment plans are available.

The excursion will be led by the instructors and coordinated through EF Tours, a reputable educational tour company with SACs academic accreditation.

For more information, please contact Karen Bryant at at (352) 588-7385 or Elisabeth Aiken at or (352) 588-8281.