Criminal Justice Students Get Their Day in Moot Court as Forensics Experts

April 19, 2010

Criminal_Justice_StudentsStudent Kizze Kinte (seated) was assigned to analyze photographs of blood evidence, or a fluid presumed to be blood, from a real crime scene. Here she is testifying about her findings before faculty member Robert Cabot (standing at right), who played the role of prosecutor in the murder case. This courtroom exercise, including a turn on the witness stand, is a requirement for all students who enroll “Scientific Writing and Courtroom Testimony,” with Assistant Professor Jalika Waugh. Waugh videotaped the proceedings so that the criminal justice students could see how they fared on the stand, and be prepared for such assignments in their careers. The judge here is Robert Sullivan, a law enforcement veteran and Saint Leo University’s executive director of campus security and safety. A jury of students and the defense attorney, played by real-life attorney and Associate Professor Peter Wubbenhorst, also played active roles in the moot court.