Criminal Justice Program Offers Terrorism Workshop

September 14, 2004

Saint Leo University's Criminal Justice Department is now offering an intense three-day certification course on the exploitable weaknesses of terrorist organizations. The course is designed for working professionals who wish to teach others on the subject. This dynamic interactive course is taught by retired FBI Special Agent Joe Navarro and retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent Julian Koerner, under the auspices of Saint Leo University's Institute for Excellence in Criminal Justice Administration. Looking at terrorists from a personal, behavioral perspective will provide participants with a unique knowledge and understanding about terrorists and their organizations. Participants will examine the history of terror and how terrorism analysis is, and should be, conducted from a proactive standpoint.

This program looks at who joins terrorist organizations, what makes these persons unique, and most important, what are their common exploitable weaknesses that allow them to be legally identified, penetrated, disrupted, and neutralized. This course will expose the underbelly of terrorism and provide a comprehensive understanding of both foreign and domestic terrorism.

Workshop Objectives

  • Identify exploitable weaknesses and how that helps analyze and neutralize terrorists
  • Describe common attributes universal to terrorists
  • Examine pre-offense behavior to prevent terrorist attacks
  • Explore proven weaknesses to gain advantage for interviewing and informant development
  • Identify behaviors for conducting surveillance and obtaining search warrants
  • Describe how communications can help identify, penetrate, disrupts, and neutralize terrorists.

Workshop Content

  • History of Terrorism, what it is and is not
  • What are Exploitable Weaknesses
  • Terrorist Typology
  • Human Factor as it Applies to Terrorists
  • Exploring the Modus Vivendi of Terrorists
  • Conspiratorial Association Theorem
  • Terrorist Group Weaknesses
  • Communications- The Achilles Heal of Terrorists
  • Action as a Weakness
  • Universal Principles of Criminal Behavior
  • Proactive Measures in Support of Terrorism Investigations


To register, please download the registration form. Forward by mail to:

Ms. Yvonne Miller
Saint Leo University
University Campus - MC2067
PO Box 6655
Saint Leo, Florida 33574-6665

You may also fax your registration form to (352) 588-8289 or register by phone by calling Ms. Yvonne Miller at (352) 588-8487.